Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate the artworks?

All the artworks are generated differently. Some are procedurally generated without any help from Artificial Intelligence or deep learning, some are generated by neural networks using techniques like Neural Style Transfer and Generative Adverserial Networks, while others are a mix of many methods.

We don't just run a bunch of photos through the same network and put them all up. Each artwork has been specially created with human-controlled input variables chosen to produce a unique result.

Why are there so few artworks?

These artworks all take hours to generate. We are constantly adding more, but it is a slow, steady process. We're working on speeding it up, and of course as time goes on we'll produce more and more artworks. If you're interested in seeing more artworks as we produce them, please subscribe to our newsletter. We send weekly updates showcasing the best new artworks.

Why can't I generate my own art?

We are working on this functionality, but there are some obstacles to overcome. The biggest one is the time and processing power required to generate an artwork at a print resolution. If you want to know when this is available, please subscribe to our newsletter and you'll be the first to hear when it's ready.

Do you have a return / refund policy?