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This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

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AI Art Generation Tips From Top NightCafe Artist u/Sithiis

Wrathful Sea, an AI art piece by top NightCafe Studio user Sithiis

Wrathful Sea

Bringing once gate-kept AI art secrets to the new and emerging GAN artists on NightCafe


Have you ever been scrolling down the NightCafe explore page and saw a creation made your jaw drop? Perhaps you wanted to reach out to the original artist but you were too afraid to. No worries, we got you!


As an AI art creation platform, we don’t want our website to be a one way operation. We see how important it is to make this knowledge available to AI artists like you. So, we’re back with another artist spotlight! We hope that by regularly conducting Q&A’s with top NightCafe artists we will help to bring those once gate-kept secrets to the masses!


Insight into the mind of top NightCafe user u/Sithiis


If you're familiar with surfing the NC explore page, you've probably stumbled upon u/Sithiis's work. He has a very distinct style - spooky, alien-like and lovecraftian. He's a fan favorite, and we see why!


Keep reading to see what tips he has to offer to budding/advanced AI artists alike using NightCafe Studio's online Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generator.


Spiraling Through Impossible Worlds, by top NightCafe Studio Artificial Intelligence Artist u/Sithiis Spiraling Through Impossible Worlds - VI


Words from a top NightCafe Creator


Sithiis: Well first off, thanks so much for the opportunity. I really enjoy NightCafe and the wonderful community of creatives that has come into being around it.

NightCafe: What got you started as an artist on NightCafe Studio?

Sithiis: What caused my initial interest in NightCafe and AI art in general was a long-standing need for novel creative expression and interest in artificial intelligence. I was initially more interested in the philosophical aspects than the artistic ones. Though, within a few years the related technologies advanced so quickly that I could see the potential for new forms artistic expression becoming a reality and decided to try them out.


Reality as art, an AI generated art piece by NightCafe artificial intellligence artist SithiisReality as Art - VI


NightCafe: What are some of your favorite modifiers to use in your text prompts? Why?

Sithiis: My favorite prompts are usually more interpretive or abstract subjects. Something that you couldn’t pin down to one obviously correct representation like “Meaningful Symbolism” or “Desolate Ephemera”. I’m never sure what I’ll get from prompts like those, but I often find I’m surprised by how well the algorithm interprets and processes them. Another favorite category is artist combinations. I love searching for complementary sets of artists. It is something unique to this new art form. To be able to create impossible collaborations of artists who sometimes lived hundreds of years apart or who would otherwise have never blended their style with another artist’s. I find it fascinating.
Omniferous - I, a symmetrical AI art piece generated on the NightCafe AI art generating website

Omniferous - I

NightCafe: Do you use start images? What would you say are the requirements for a good start image?

Sithiis: I almost always use start images. Especially with the coherent method as it tends to overexpose or oversaturate without them. I usually look at higher-order features of a starting image as more of the smaller or finer details are diffused out or transformed away. Things like symmetry, overall color, or overall structure. I usually make my own start images from simple shapes and colors to match my ideas of good image layouts, but have also used art I had made from other methods.

NightCafe: What inspires your work most?

Sithiis: I take inspiration from all sorts of things I find otherwise interesting. Music is an especially common source for me. I often have “visualizations” of music I like playing in my head while listening and it is satisfying to try and recreate aspects of them or capture the essence of them in my art.


A swirling visual symphony of grey and white fluffy clouds, welcoming, and in the shape of a heart

Heart of the Storm 

NightCafe: Are there any tips or tricks you’d like to give artists just starting out on their AI art creation journey?

Sithiis:  At the risk of seeming cliché, be yourself. Make your art as “you” as possible. Your artwork is not just the algorithm’s output image, it is the experience of the image. Every aspect from the prompts to the title is an opportunity to shape that experience into something only you could have created.

NightCafe: Do you have a background in art?

Sithiis: While I don’t have a professional background in art, it is always something I have enjoyed doing and been interested in. I think I am a creative by heart, but I could never draw or sketch what I had in my head well enough to think of pursuing art more formally. I’ve dabbled in everything from photography, music, fashion, and many other forms of digital art production as ways of expressing ideas and have enjoyed them all, but none of them have quite the potential to be as powerful at turning creative ideas into artistic reality as AI art does.


An ominous symmetrical and geometric ancient building

Exterior, Ministry of Progress, 2124 CE

NightCafe: What role do you think AI art has in society today?

Sithiis: I think the potential is immense. Imagine how many people have creative ideas but lack the ability or opportunities required to represent them in reality. I think AI art has the potential to overcome almost all of those barriers. That is what it has already done for me. I think eventually you will no longer need to spend years of work training your hands to move in the correct ways or learning to use complex program to create what you want. I see it as the distance between creativity and art shrinking, the barriers to entry collapsing. That is of course a wonderful idea but it does remove a lot of ingrained inequalities in the power dynamics of the industry so it likely won’t be as free or open as I’d hope. That is why I chose to switch to always open prompts and never to sell or restrict my work. If the same gatekeeping or exclusivity remains in place, fewer people will be able express themselves to the same extent. Who am I to deny them?

NightCafe: Pick one: Coherent or Artistic?

Sithiis: I often use both, but Coherent is usually the final method used and my favorite. Artistic is great and has its own strengths (with abstract ideas especially) [while] Coherent has the ability to distinguish foreground from background better and produce a clearer and more cohesive structure in a lot of cases. It can make non-horrific faces too, which is a plus.

NightCafe:  Thanks so much for wanting to collaborate with us. This interview is going to bring amazing value to so many NC users!

Sithiis:  Absolutely, I can talk about art all day so it was my pleasure.

We want to give a huge thanks to Sithiis for sharing his knowledge

We hope this informative interview was as insightful to you as it was to us! You can find u/Sithiis on NightCafe Studio via the link here.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free


  • Great

  • Thanks Sithiis! I’m an engineer/watercolor artist and I discovered NC a few weeks ago. It’s now a total addiction. I was really frustrated at first because I had no clue how to work the prompts. Thanks to a few NC users like yourself who have open settings, I am now getting some amazing results. I am using images of my paintings and personal photos as much as possible. It’s really fun to manipulate them with Photoshop and mash them up to make start images. It’s amazing to see a photo of a circuit board in my old electronic junk turn into a beautifully detailed steampunk city street! However, let’s not kid ourselves saying we become artists using this very powerful tool. You can easily get a good result with a 3-word prompt. If I drop some change into an old jukebox I don’t suddenly become a musician. Truthfully, “My Creations” on the Menu bar should read “My AI Creations.” But there is opportunity for creative input, learning to use good prompts and shaping the AI creation with imaginative start images of your own making. I thank everyone who has worked so hard to create this NC website that is so incredibly easy and endlessly entertaining. I invite people to have a look at one of my AI creations:

  • props to Sithiis for revealing a very important settings tip

  • Where is the link to our forum where we could have discussions and ask bothering questions?

    Thank you.

    Uzoma Caleb. C (@uzuplus)

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