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Media Enquiries

Please reach out to We'll definitely see your email and will be more than happy to help you with your story. We're on Australian Eastern Standard Time (Cairns, AU).


NightCafe - one word, capital C.

NightCafe Studio - our business name.

NightCafe Creator - our AI Art Generator app.

Download our logos, founder photos and mockups here.

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NightCafe Affiliate Program

If your publication participates in affiliate programs, join ours! Become a NightCafe partner here to earn commission on successful referrals.

Product Trial

If you’re a journalist and want to rave about our product in your next article, contact us to introduce yourself and get a free credit pack so you can try NightCafe Creator in all it’s glory. First, log in or create an account on NightCafe Creator, then use the feedback form (tap your profile picture) to explain that you're a journalist wanting a product trial. It's important to log in first, or we won't know which account to assign the credits to.