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About NightCafe Studio

NightCafe Studio is on a mission to democratise art creation.

Creating art is satisfying. It scratches an itch. It can be therapy. It makes you feel better.

But most methods of art creation require skill. They must be learned and practiced, and without the skill, you don't get to experience that satisfaction.

At NightCafe Studio, we create tools that allow anyone - regardless of skill level - to experience the satisfaction, the therapy, the rush of creating incredible, unique art.

Contrary to what many believe, AI in the art world is not here to make artists redundant. It’s here to make art creation accessible to the masses.

Machine learning in the art scene is exploding, and NightCafe Creator is at the forefront of bringing these new technologies - once only available to hackers - to anyone with an internet connection.

The NightCafe Story

NightCafe Creator was founded by Angus Russell in November 2019 from the spare bedroom of his tiny semi-detached house in Sydney’s Inner-West. As of October 2022, over 35 million AI-generated artworks have been created on the platform.

Angus started NightCafe after a house guest commented on how bare his walls looked. Angus agreed, and jumped online the next day to look for some art to buy. After scrolling through hundreds of pages of artworks on every wall-art store he could find, he was left unsatisfied. Nothing seemed personal enough. You couldn't have a conversation about it with a visitor.

Having known that AI Art had been a thing for years, he thought "maybe I can generate some more personalised art using AI". Surprisingly, his Google searches yielded few results. Forgetting about his own walls, Angus became obsessed with making this "obvious" idea available to the world.

The rest is history. NightCafe Creator - originally a neural style transfer app - launched on Reddit in November 2019, and Angus has been working on it ever since. In late 2020, Angus' wife Elle joined the founding team as Chief Operating Officer.

Text-To-Image Art (VQGAN+CLIP)

In mid 2021, the online art scene exploded with the invention of an amazing text-to-image art generation method known as VQGAN+CLIP. Previous text-to-image methods had been interesting but not interesting enough to add to NightCafe Creator. VQGAN+CLIP was an order of magnitude better, and the NightCafe team worked quickly to add it to our offering. It quickly became the app's most popular creation method.

The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh

The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh

NightCafe Studio is headquartered in Cairns, Australia, with printing and warehousing partners around the world.

The name, "NightCafe" is a nod to one of our favourite real life artists, Vincent Van Gogh. His painting, "The Night Cafe" is pictured here.

Company Details

NightCafe Studio Pty Ltd
Australian Business Number: 76 654 351 701