AI Generated Pet Portraits - A faster, cheaper alternative to traditional pet portraits

Pet Portrait

If you're like me and your home life revolves around your pet, you have hundreds - or even thousands - of cute photos that you've taken over the years.

In my case I have a whole album in Google photos that automatically detects photos of my dog - Winnie - and adds them.

Many of the photos in the album are well suited to turning into a portrait. Traditionally, this would mean finding an artist to paint the photo in their own style.

The process would generally take weeks, because painting takes time. You'll have to pay up-front, because there's labor involved. And, you'll only get one portrait out of it - what if you don't like it? Will you commission another one?

The modern alternative is to turn to AI instead of a human. Machine learning techniques like artistic style transfer, sometimes called neural style transfer, will take the photo of your pet and turn it into a painting in minutes.

This has many advantages over the traditional route.

  • It's much faster - your photo becomes a painting in minutes rather than weeks.
  • It's free - there are plenty of services that let you create AI art for free, simply upload a photo of your pet.
  • You can create as many as you like - some apps have limits and some don't, but either way you'll be able to create multiple portraits in many different styles and choose your favourite.

Once you've created an image you like, you just need to get it printed. This is a bit harder than it sounds, because these apps often don't yield print-resolution images, but some of these apps offer a printing service as well.

Which app should I use?

The NightCafe Creator app is specifically set up to create AI generated pet portraits. You can create as many as you like for free, they only take a few minutes to create, and you only pay if you decide to get one printed.

Here are a few examples of pet portraits made with NightCafe Creator.

Pet Portrait

Cat Portrait

Bird Portrait

Dog Portrait

Find the app here: AI Generated Pet Portraits.

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