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Artist Spotlight: u/adansito

Jellyfish by adansito

Many of you may know adansito as a top creator who always makes his way to #1 on the NightCafe creation Explore page.

However, he does a lot more than just creation - adansito strives to create perfect prompts, all while sharing his knowledge by leaving prompts open for all to learn from.

We had the chance to ask him some personal questions regarding his NightCafe art and how he seems to achieve such amazingly clear AI generated images.

Keep reading to have a peek into this top AI artist's mind.

NightCafe: What influences your work?

adansito: As for the ideas, mostly my mind.

As for the prompts, tdraw (mostly), Sithiis, Arachnix, Soda and also rufusdinosaur.

The ideas always come when I'm busy making other plans, like at work or at minutes before going to sleep.

And when I'm not seeing the prompts from other creators, I do usually research for new artists (mostly from this century), that can help me to fit on the style my mind wants to come.

For the style, I'm always changing to do "rebranding" on my profile, one day I can be obsessed with using "Dan Mumford", other days I want to use "kinetic pointillism" on every creation but after passing some time, I have to change all of my prompts, because my mind doesn't want the same thing over and over again.

A mystical woman stands in the center of the image. She has long flowing hair and stands in front of a glowing ring. Her midbody slowly morphs into clouds, galaxies, and stars.

Moony Woman by adansito

NightCafe: Who's the most underrated artist on the site?

Adansito: So here is the thing, I have a different concept of what "underrated" is on the site.

To some people, having a small amount of likes means you are underrated. To me, the fact that people love your work but they can't remember you as an artist is what I consider "underrated".

Having said that, I think KingInYellow is a great creator on the platform, but people hardly mention him because his creations can sometimes be disturbing for the general public, making their visibility smaller than some other top creators.

NightCafe: What's a prompt that surprised you?

Adansito: "Victo Ngai" as a prompt does it really great, and I was really astonished when I saw the result when I typed that name.

Also, putting "A masterpiece" in the prompts can really improve on the creation, and it is really surprising how simple words can change the composition of the creation radically.

A small wooden cabin stands in the center of the image. It is nighttime in the forest that it resides in. Tall japanese pine trees stand in the foreground.

Wooden House by adansito

NightCafe: Do you have any tips on prompt writing when it comes to text-to-image generation?

Adansito: From what I've seen and experimented, it is always good to type on this composition:

— Main subject

— Secondary subject

— Artists names/style

— Photography/artistic prompts

— Specific colors (optional)

As an example: A deer passing through (main subject) an abandoned neon city (secondary subject), by Dan Mumford and Victo Ngai (artists name), 8k resolution, a masterpiece, 35mm, hyperrealistic, hyper maximalist (photography/artistic prompts), crimson, jade (colors)

NOTE: The order does matter when it comes to writing prompts, so it is better to write what you want FIRST.

A cute fluffy white dog sits in the center of the image. It wears a blue bandana around its neck. A cityscape is in the foreground and the sky is cloudy. The dog stares with a straight expression.

Dog by adansito

NightCafe: How did you start using NightCafe's AI art image generator?

Adansito: I wish I could say something like "I saw this very great creation and after that I got inspired", but what really happened was someone discussed (in a Twitter Thread) how "these pictures were made by an AI".

I was very curious about this AI, and someone posted a link to NightCafe and after that I tried it with title songs names, that was the start of this journey.

We hope this interview left you inspired to create some amazing AI generated art.

We want to give a huge thanks to Adansito for taking the time to tell us the in's and out's of his process. Tell us below, have you encountered any of adansito's prompts on the NightCafe Explore page


Find adansito using the following links:

Twitter - Instagram

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free


  • He is a brilliant creator and I would really like his opinion on some of my dinosaurs.

    The Paleo Artist
  • افكار ممتازة ونصائح قيمة يمكن الإستفادة منها في كتابة المحتوي وتطويره…شكرا لكم،

    محمد بابكر عثمان
  • One of my fav creators on NC, and one I’ve learned a lot from by studying their prompts as opposed to just copying one. Such a varied list of artists and styles!

    Angela (AlteredUrbane)
  • a few of these prompts, ive toyed with but ive gotten nothing yet close to this dudes. these are bad ass. im getting ready to check the kinginyellow that was mentioned also. i loves me some disturbing sh!t.

    junk mcnuggets

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