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Mastering AI Image Generation: How You Can Create Stunning Imagery With Artificial Intelligence

The creation of stunning images with artificial intelligence (AI) has become quite easy thanks to the emerging AI image generators. These image-generation tools allow you to generate your desired images using simple text prompts and sketches.

AI image generators have become easily accessible to artists, allowing them to generate realistic images without much effort. Furthermore, you can now get a cutting-edge AI art generator for free!

Many of these AI image generation tools are open-source, allowing you to enjoy limitless possibilities in your career as a digital artist. For instance, if you want to generate realistic images using your sketches, you can use Stable Doodle.

Stable Doodle is an AI art generation tool by that uses its open-source models to generate images from simple sketches. This tool will convert your simple drawings into dynamic images.

Much like other AI art generation tools, Stable Doodle needs training to be able to generate high-quality images that meet the required industry standards. So, the first concern you need to address when learning how to create images with AI is, how are AI image generators trained?

The process of training an AI art generator is quite simple because it involves feeding the model with as many images or drawings as possible so that it can learn and internalise the required parameters for future image generation. 

Once you’ve mastered how to train an AI image generator, the next big task is to learn how to use it to generate stunning images. Here is a breakdown of how you can use your AI art generator to churn out realistic images:

Fundamentals of Generating Images with AI Art Generators

As AI continues to revolutionise the world of digital art, many seasoned and upcoming artists have embraced the idea of using AI art generation tools to improve their creativity and generate more exquisite images. With these tools, the art industry has ceased to be an exclusive domain of seasoned and highly creative artists–anyone can now create professional images without years of training and practice.

But before you grab the available AI art generator and start generating images, you’ll need to master the art of AI image generation. Otherwise, you’ll encounter serious hurdles that will prevent you from realising your dream of becoming a professional artist. 

Here are some tips on how to generate high-quality images with AI art generators:

Check What Your Main AI Model Has Been Trained On

An AI art generator uses models to generate the desired images. These models are algorithms that learn and understand the parameters needed to generate realistic images.

So, before you begin generating images with your AI tool, make sure you understand the models it uses and what they’ve been trained on. Each model is trained on specific datasets that guide it in generating the required images.

You can easily predict the quality of your output when you understand what your AI models are trained on. You’ll also know if the training done is enough to give you the level of creativity you desire.

Do Several Experiments First

Because you’ll be using text prompts to generate the desired AI images, running a few experiments before the actual image generation is important to get an idea of what the final images will look like.

Your experiments should be done using various text prompts and phrases. Try to use synonyms, rearrange the words, and include descriptive phrases in your text prompts–this will help you develop the correct text prompts for your desired output.

Apart from improving your text prompts, you’ll also need to include negative prompts with instructions on the things you don’t want to have in the final output. Put more emphasis on specific words and phrases that represent what you want the final images to portray.

You can do this by putting these terms in double brackets. These text brackets help to emphasise certain words in your text prompts, especially if the prompts are too long. This way, your AI art generator won’t digress from your primary intentions.

Rehearse and Refine Images

Don’t expect your AI image generator to produce perfect images on the first attempt. These tools use machine learning processes to perfect their craft. It’s a trial-and-error procedure that takes a while before you get the quality you want.

You have to be patient with your AI art generation tool and be willing to endure its iterative processes, and you need to keep iterating and refining your images until you get it right. This will give you the necessary experience to leverage the endless capabilities of your AI image generation tool to generate stunning images. Lastly, choose the right AI image generator carefully. The type of AI art generation tool you use determines the quality of images you get!

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free

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