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AI Art and NFTs: 3 NightCafe Artists and their NFT Journeys

"Les Miserables by Victor Hugo", Piece by NightCafe artist Esteban Uyarra

No matter where you stand on the subject of NFTs (aka non-fungible token), we can all agree they've left an impression on the art world. As they’ve risen in popularity, so has AI art!

Many would argue they go hand in hand. (Though, this isn’t always the case.)

At NightCafe, we’ve made it seamless for you to harness the power of AI to quickly and easily generate artworks that you can sell as NFTs*. It is in fact achievable!

Today we are honoured to feature 3 NFT artists who use NightCafe to create stunning crypto artworks for collectors and buyers alike. Keep reading to see what they have to say about their creations and how they turned them into sellable NFT’s!

Note: this article pre-dates the release of DALL-E Artificial Intelligence. The artists featured are using NightCafe's Artistic and Coherent algorithms in their NFTs.

1. u/EstebanUyarra

First we start with NightCafe artist u/EstebanUyarra. He decided to create his first OpenSea collection using only NightCafe AI generated art pieces, which he describes his inspiration for in such a beautiful way;

“When I was 20 years old, I moved to London. There, I would spend endless afternoons in bookstores around Charing Cross. I used to play a game - where I would open random books and just read the first and last lines of those books. I wanted to see how authors opened and closed their brilliant creations.

31 years later, I wanted to see how Artificial Intelligence would visualize the opening lines of wonderful works of literature. How it would understand (or not) such attempts at human communication. So, I embarked in this project.”


"Dracula by Dram Stoker", by NightCafe artist Esteban Uyarra

He continues, “100 books as chosen by Penguin readers and 20 that changed my life, plus a little gem that occurred when I made a typing mistake with the opening lines of The Bible.

The results have been fascinating, Freudian at times, surreal and funny other times.

It has been a mammoth effort and I hope you find the time to have a look. You may find your favorite book in there.”

What an amazing story behind this NFT project! It’s always an amazing experience to learn about the story behind a collection. We’re so glad Esteban decided to share this with us!

You can find u/EstebanUyarra' OpenSea collection titled “Iconic Books Dreamed by AI” here and his NightCafe profile here.

The Cybernetic Macaw by Geeksmacked

2. Dan J. Cote, A.K.A. u/Geeksmacked

Next up we have the awesome NightCafe AI art extraordinaire, artist u/Geeksmacked! He has recently been on a roll of selling his detailed AI Art, all created on NightCafe Studio’s AI art generation website. He had a lot of kind words to say about the web app itself;

“My name is Dan J Cote, but I go by the artist name ‘Geek Smacked’. The art I create tends to lean towards Science Fiction themes and have a surreal style. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali, an artist who also combined elements of science and nature in his art.

One of the art pieces that I created using NightCafe is called ‘The Balance of Technology and Nature’. It has been sold to an NFT collector on OpenSea. The piece received an immediate positive reaction when it was released. The fascinating thing is that people mentioned that it had various styles melded into one. And that is why I use NightCafe - because your combination of Style Modifiers is a kind of recipe that creates the art and attempts to match the art style to your words.

The art piece asks the question: Will cities of the future coexist with biological ecosystems?”

"The Balance of Technology and Nature" by Geeksmacked


He goes on, “I've always been fascinated with technology and I believe that there will be a time when we find a balance between our technology and finding ways to coexist with nature without damaging our ecosystems. To assist in the creation of the piece there was a starter image (a public domain photo) used that showed a normal car driving down a regular city street but [AI] it transformed into an image that showed a futuristic vehicle that was aerodynamic and buildings that appear to be a hybrid of plant life and buildings meshed together. A kind of utopian view of the future.”

The art I generate using Artificial Intelligence has allowed me to creatively express ideas that I never thought would be possible.

Dan goes on, “That is what I find fascinating about using the VQGAN + Clip algorithm that NightCafe has made available for users to create images with words that they could only imagine before. The art I generate using Artificial Intelligence has allowed me to creatively express ideas that I never thought would be possible. You would think that everyone that uses NightCafe would have very similar results with their art, but there is still the human element of being inspired by different things and emotions. Artists are developing their own style just as you would with physical painted art. Each artist has a different view and their own eye for design. The possibilities seem endless and I find myself pushing the boundaries of what is possible with an A.I. collaborating with a human at the helm. I'm excited about how this new art form will evolve and I'm excited to see what new tools NightCafe will integrate into their web application in the future. It's an exciting time for artists.”

We agree, what exciting time to be an online creator! Congrats to you, Geek Smacked, and your success in the NFT world.

To see more of artist u/Geeksmacked’s work, you can go to or find him on Twitter/Instagram with the username @geeksmacked. You can also browse his NFT collection here and his NightCafe profile here.

3. Dot Matrix

Last but not least, we close out with another talented NightCafe artist who has found success in selling NFT’s. They go by u/DotMatrixNFT and had a really cool way of coming up with prompts in which they detailed for us below: 

“I go by DotMatrixNFT and have been creating NFTs for a year now with 3 series on OpenSea. I wanted to try out (formerly known as) Hicetnunc, now Objkt and the Tezos blockchain with new work and that’s where NightCafe fit in perfectly. 

I decided to create a series of 100 AI-generated haikus, based on original poetry. I was impressed with some of the visuals that NightCafe created, astounded by a handful, and pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and amount of modifiers to add. [Here’s an] example:

hAIku #64

Hello space cowboy.
Better drop your weapon, pal.
We’ve got you covered.


“I had been binging Cowboy Bebop, so this theme was recent on my brain. A friend of mine used NightCafe and I loved the results. I wasn’t sure if they would sell as NFTs, but found that Objkt with its incredibly low gas prices was a great fit (photos are 1 Tez, videos are 2).

I’ve now begun to use NightCafe for album covers for my next project NEON DRAGON, and have two music videos where I use NightCafe for the entire visuals.”

Wow! Thanks for such great insight on your creation method, as well as what has been inspiring you recently!! Getting a deeper understanding of an artists' work is so much fun and can be quite exciting for other creators too!

You can find Dot Matrix on NightCafe Studio as creator u/DotMatrixNFT, as well as on Twitter/Instagram @Dotmatrixnft.

Sadly, this article has come to an end. 😢

It was such a blast putting this article together for you all! If it gives you the urge to create your own NFT collection, we say go for it!

You can chat with other NightCafe artists about crypto and NFTs in the #crypto-and-nfts channel on the NightCafe Lounge discord server.

*As long as you own (or have permission to use) the original assets, your creations belong to you. Though hopefully soon they'll belong to someone else. 😉 For any other questions regarding our policy surrounding NFTs, please see our NFT art FAQs here.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free


  • Thank you for the tips. I have been searching for key techniques to harness the infinite power of AI generated art and these artists have pointed in me in the right direction to find my own style with results that I have been looking for. Thank you to the artists for the tips and allowing others to gain from their experience and Kudos to NightCafe for the inspiration and openly sharing the creative tools on the internet for all to create their own unique visionary works of art.

  • Very inspiring and motivating us to hang on and keep on learning.
    Hoping one day to have stories like theirs.
    Congrats to you guys and thanks for shinning light on the way for us newbies.


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