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How to Generate Beautiful and Detailed AI Art - Artist Spotlight with NightCafe artist Jazzygirl111

 The Tree of Knowledge by Jazzygirl111
The Tree of Knowledge by Jazzygirl111


Hey fellow NightCafe creators, we’re back with another amazing Artist Spotlight! This is an ongoing interview series we're conducting at NightCafe Studio, spreading AI art tips and tricks that talented NightCafe artists have to offer. By doing this, we hope to bring you AI art’s most guarded secrets! 😉

This week we decided to highlight art done by the one and only Jazzygirl111. She frequently tops the NightCafe Studio explore page and is known for her detailed and realistic AI art creations! She has amassed over 10,000 likes and over 600 followers on the website, an impressive feat!

Keep reading to see what Jazzygirl111 has to say about NightCafe Studio, AI art, and her favorite modifiers.

Note: This article was written before DALL-E Artificial Intelligence was available to the public. The tips discussed are focused on NightCafe's Artistic (VQGAN+CLIP) and Coherent (CLIP-Guided Diffusion) algorithms.

Rome is Burning
Rome is Burning by Jazzygirl111

NC: Pick one: coherent or artistic?

Jazzygirl111: I use both because it helps evolve my creations. Alternating between the two has given me fantastic results, but I always start with artistic.

NC: Do you use start images? If so, what are your requirements for a good start image?

Jazzygirl111: At first I didn’t use start images but when I saw the results that other creators were getting, I started using images. I use photos that I find on Google that are thought provoking or colorful or that produce an emotional response in me.

NC: What role do you think AI art has in society?

Jazzygirl111: It’s a different medium for people that are not proficient in the establishment forms of art.

Waterfall by Jazzygirl111

NC: What got you started as an artist on NightCafe Studio?

Jazzygirl111: I was a huge fan of Dreamscope, which was in the process of shutting down, when one of its users suggested going to NightCafe. I have been addicted ever since I joined.

NC: Do you have a background in art?

Jazzygirl111: I was always studying art books from a young age and have taken art classes throughout high school and college. I’ve been to countless Art Museums and Galleries here in NY, across the US, and across the world in London, Paris, Denmark, Barcelona, Egypt, Germany and Venice.

Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers by Jazzygirl111

NC: Any tips you’d like to give artists just starting out on NightCafe?

Jazzygirl111: My biggest trick is to create in artistic mode first then use that same image and run it through coherent mode.

NC: What inspires your work most?

Jazzygirl111: The work of the other creators is most inspiring. When I see a creation that I like, I try to figure out what prompts they used to create them.

NC: What are some of your favorite modifiers to use in your text prompts and why?

Jazzygirl111: I always use 8K3D and 8K resolution then I vary between DSLR, Flicker, Unreal Engine, and detailed painting. I like these modifiers because they enhance the creations with detailed realism.

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat by Jazzygirl111

What fun! If you enjoy grand, detailed, and plain beautiful scenes you will definitely want to check out Jazzygirl111’s NightCafe Studio profile! Thanks Jazzygirl111 for taking the time to share your secrets with us! We find it so important to spread amazing tips and tricks when it comes to AI art creation and we’re glad you wanted to do the same.

You can find Jazzygirl111’s profile here.

You can also check out her works on IG by searching @Jazzygirl1111 or clicking here.

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We will see you next week with another Artist Spotlight!

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free

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  • That was very helpful. Thank you I admire your creations because of the depth they have, inspiration they bring and motivational energy they surge through. Simply fabulous.


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