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This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

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Artist Spotlight: Fibek

Ancient Temple, AI art by NightCafe artist u/Fibek

Holding a top spot on any leaderboard is tough, but this popular NightCafe user makes it look easy.

Meet u/Fibek, a favorite AI artist for many who frequent our AI art generating site. With such a genuine passion for AI creation as a whole, it's no wonder he is ranked within the top 50 artists to receive the most likes on NightCafe. His love for prompting shines through in his creations, and you can often find his art work topping the Explore page.

Today, we get to get a deeper peek into his mind, AI art generation process, and much more.

Keep reading to pick Fibek's brain with us!

Rainbow Clouds, AI Art created on NightCafe by user Fibek

NightCafe: What influences your work?

Fibek: Everything and nothing. As an old lover of RPG games it is easy to see the influence of fantasy on my work. After all, it is my favorite category among which I rotate. Sometimes I'm inspired by something I've read, seen in a series or movie, or even something I've dreamed about.

NightCafe: In your opinion, who is the most underrated artist?

Fibek: It's hard to choose, certainly not Greg Rutkowski (haha). While testing the Stable Diffusion [AI Art generating] model, I tried probably 1000 different artists as inspiration - they all give a different and unique style. I guess in this direction we should teach people to use the art of AI. Let's not close ourselves in the circle of a few well-known artists - let's try to look for something new all the time.

NightCafe: What AI art prompt that surprised you most?

Fibek: Recently I discovered an interesting prompt that depicts a sort of "artist" at work, showing a piece of paper and a finished painted picture/sketch.

The prompt is: highly detailed portrait hermione Granger, photographic realistic background, by jose torres, by royal jafarov, by dustin hobert, by joe fenton, by kaethe butcher, trending on instagram, award winning details

Hermione Granger Drawing, AI Art done on NightCafe by u/Fibek

NightCafe: Do you have any tips to share regarding writing AI Art prompts?

Fibek: Do not be afraid to use the help of others. Thanks to the Explore [page] and Settings Open category on NightCafe, you can benefit from the knowledge of thousands of other artists. Above all, do not limit yourself to using the same prompt only in different variations. Try new things and have fun!

NightCafe: What led you to use NightCafe?

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free

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  • This stuff is splendid. I love NightCafe.

    Recently I uploaded an ambient space music video to YouTube and it is nearly 2 hours long and all of the video imagery I created via NightCafe:

    Thanks NightCafe!


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