Top 20 AI Generated Artworks Made With NightCafe Creator

On November 13, 2019, we launched our AI Art Generator App, NightCafe Creator — a free app for all platforms that lets you easily create artworks with the help of AI using the neural style transfer technique.

2022, Editor's Note: This post is from 2+ years ago, before the DALL-E AI Art Generator was released, and before text-to-image art was even a thing. That's why all these artworks are Neural Style Transfer.

Since then, thousands of neural style transfer AI Art pieces have been created with the app by hundreds of users. Some artworks turn out better than others, and some AI artists seem to have a knack for getting beautiful and interesting results.

To mark the end of summer (here in Australia), we decided to look back at all the AI generated artworks created so far, and bring you our top 20.

A few notes about this list: it's based on our own personal opinions, it doesn't include any artworks that weren't made public by the creators, and finally - it does include artworks created by the NightCafe team.

#20 - Stark

Stark - AI Generated Image

The creator of this artwork used a mask to confine two different styles to the two sides of this photo of Central Park, New York.

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#19 - Cat Stitch

Cat Stitch - AI Generated Art

The creator of Cat Stitch used a photo of a black and white stitched rug and used it to style a photo of a (presumably their own) cat.

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#18 - Lion Doodle

Lion Doodle - AI Generated Drawing

This is one of our own - we used a black and white photo of a lion and styled it using one of the preset styles. We think it turned out pretty nicely!

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#17 - Girl with a Meat Earring

Girl with a Meat Earring

A play on the famous "Girl with a pearl earring" by Johannes Vermeer (1665) - recreated in the style of some prosciutto.

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#16 - Fast Machine

Fast Machine - Style transfer drawing

Another creation using one of NightCafe Creator's preset styles.

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#15 - Chalkboard Cat

Cat Chalkboard Drawing

A cat in the style of bright coloured chalk on a chalkboard.

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#14 - Honey, I'm Home!

Honey, I'm Home!

Just a photo of some bees and honeycomb. But wait! If you squint, the whole thing also looks like a bee!

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#13 - Opera House

Opera House AI Generated Artwork

The Sydney Opera House recreated in the style of one of the NightCafe Creator presets - Udnie (Young American Girl) by Francis Picabia.

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#12 - Winter Morn

Winter Morn

It's just a simple photo of filtered light through some trees in the style of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", but it works so well and looks so much like a real painting that this one made the list despite it's simplicity.

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#11 - I Want To Believe: Declassified

Redacted - AI Art

Sure it's a bit scrappy and doesn't look exactly like a government document, but the ingenuity of this one is enough to earn it a place on our list.

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#10 - Geoff Self Portrait

Dot Painting AI Art

My uncle Geoff does really great aboriginal dot paintings. I uploaded a photo of him, and a photo of one of his paintings, and effectively created a self portrait. I think it turned out pretty great!

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#9 - Magnum Opus

Doge Spaghetti

Nothing to see here! Just a doge in a plate of spaghetti...

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#8 - Neon Lion

Neon Lion AI Art

A photo of a lion recreated in black and neon. This one is a NightCafe Creator preset style.

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#7 - The Cat

Masked Style Transfer Art

The pastel style is masked out of the eyes and tongue of this cat, resulting in a piercing look that follows you around the room.

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#6 - Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo

Don't look too closely at this seemingly typical Where's Waldo scene. In this case you need to take a step back to see Waldo...

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#5 - Shut Your Pie Hole

Shut your pie hole

Edvard Munch's "Scream", re-imagined as a blueberry pie.

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#4 - Warping Spacetime

Warping Spacetime

This is a photo of my dog Winnie shaking off the salt water at the beach. It was one of the first tests of NightCafe Creator's masking feature, and I think it's still one of the best.

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#3 - Carpe Diem, Memento Mori

Masked AI Generated Art

Another one that uses the masking feature. "Seize the day, remember you will die".

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#2 - Skull Bouquet

AI Generated Flower Skull Art

A flower arrangement takes the form of a skull in this AI generated artwork that I always imagine would look great as a poster in a tattoo studio.

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#1 - Starry Night Astronaut

Best AI Generated Artwork

This one is so simple, but I think it may always be the number one creation - the iconic photo of Buzz Aldrin in a space suit, painted somewhat fittingly in the style of Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

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Try it yourself

Creating artworks like these is easy with NightCafe Creator - give it a go and show us your results!


  • A great visit to see what is being done in this art

    Graham Brown
  • Wonderful examples of what NightCafe can do. Nice to have the settings shown in each example. Thank you!

    Vintage Digital

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