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AI Art for Commercial Use: Exploring Its Potential and Impact

AI-generated art has excellent potential for businesses, marketers, and social media content creators. It provides access to a quick, low-cost tool that can transform ideas into beautifully detailed illustrations or generate logos, brand assets, and promotional graphics in seconds.

While AI art for DnD and other gaming applications is popular, the possibilities within the commercial sector may be even greater, where advertisers and companies need to create on-brand content in minimal time.

Let's take a look at where AI text-to-image models are already being used and why they are becoming one of the tools of choice for ambitious and busy businesses.


How to Utilise AI Artwork as a Commercial Tool

The great aspect of AI image generators is that you don’t need to be a professional illustrator or graphic designer to produce high-quality outputs. The process is incredibly straightforward:

  • Pick your preferred AI model, style, or theme.
  • Enter your text prompt or phrases.
  • Edit or fine-tune the results as much as you wish.

It’s really that simple, and you can use AI art for logos, letterheads, ad campaigns, billboards, website content, or any other application.

Marketing executives and writers increasingly turn to AI models to help them test different images or graphics to assess consumer responses, create imagery for ads and promotions, or support product prototypes, producing realistic images of what the finished product might look like post-production.

Benefits of AI Artwork Generators for Commercial Applications

From a business perspective, the big benefit of an AI artwork generator is time and cost. While some organisations might purchase credits to ensure they can generate as many graphics as they need, platforms are predominantly free.

In many cases, AI text-to-image models also contribute to the creative design process, taking an idea or thought and turning it into something tangible, whether that image is used in a digital publication or to help teams compare their options. Professional designers and marketers also use AI-generated images as storyboards and mood boards to compare styles and image colour schemes before making final decisions and producing immersive graphics that improve customer experiences.

As a tool, AI artwork platforms are efficient, require little time, and ensure that businesses without in-house design expertise never fall behind the competition.

Drawbacks and Limitations of AI Text-to-Image Models for Commercial Use

Like most innovations, there are some important aspects to consider when using an AI image generator for commercial usage. The first is to ensure you avoid any text prompts and instructions based on the intellectual property of an artist or creative. While this isn't necessarily banned, it's wise to be cautious about creating graphics that are 100% original for ethical reasons.

And, while the image generator does the heavy lifting, the user still needs to provide carefully constructed text prompts to produce the graphics they need, appreciating that an AI model may need additional descriptors or contextual phrases to understand what the user has in mind. Quality control is also vital–rather than assuming an AI text-to-image model will produce the perfect graphic the first time, businesses should evaluate the outputs and make any necessary changes before using an AI-generated image in customer-facing materials.

How We Anticipate the Future Commercial Usage of AI Artwork Changing

AI tools have swiftly become a popular way to create compelling, branded, and unique graphics, which would have taken days, if not weeks, and cost significantly more to produce through a conventional method.

They are accessible and largely free, providing an incredible resource for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and smaller businesses without the budget to invest in a graphic design division–with an ever-growing number of options, styles, and AI models to choose between.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free