• Stable Diffusion Versus Midjourney

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)- and Machine Learning (ML)-based image creation has taken the world by storm, and there are now more solutions than ever before competing against one another as a means of providing users with the best possible experience.

  • How to Make a Photo Look Like Pop Art

    The artistic style made famous by Andy Warhol isn't going anywhere, and NightCafe allows you to turn any photo into a painting that wouldn't look out of place in the hippest of pop art galleries!
  • Stable Diffusion Versus Imagen

    There are numerous text-to-image artificial intelligence (AI) solutions out there that have been specifically created as a means of enabling anyone, no matter what kind of skill level they have in the art creation department, to generate art based on just the text inputs they use within the system.

  • How to Make a Photo Into Vector Art

    Digital images come in two basic types: rasters or vector images. NightCafe’s photo to painting application can work with either if you're ready to begin turning a photo into canvas art. We'll explain the manual route to make a photo look like pop art, but it's also worth having an idea of what it all means and why it's sometimes a little tricky to edit a high-resolution photo into a cool graphic.

  • Stable Diffusion Versus DALL-E

    When we take a look at text-to-image tools that utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are numerous options available. However, out of all of them, the main two, which have showcased exceptional results, are Stable Diffusion and DALL-E.

  • How to Make a Photo Into Canvas Art

    If you have a beautiful photograph or a special memory you'd like to display in your home, you might find that turning an image into pixel art or canvas art with photo editing software is a bit of a trial-and-error task. Luckily, NightCafe is an innovative, AI-powered tool that turns photos into art, with a vast choice of styles and graphics, depending on the aesthetic you're after.
  • Stable Diffusion Tutorial

    In the past, artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-image software was only accessible to a few lucky individuals who managed to get beta access. Stability AI is changing the narrative with its recently launched latent diffusion model, Stability Diffusion. 

  • How to Turn a Picture Into Pixel Art

    Just as you will see with any review of the Goart app, NightCafe provides users with a smart and innovative software solution for converting images into intricate pixel art pieces. With NightCafe, you can use any picture source to generate pixelated graphics for posters and games effortlessly.

  • GoArt App Review

    People have different preferences when it comes to art, and only a select few are gifted enough to create paintings that reflect their tastes. Computer developers delivered a solution to this predicament with artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can help anyone create art in their preferred style. GoArt, for example, is one of several nontechnical mobile applications that helps users transform photos into paintings.

  • BeCasso Review

    Lovers of artistic images and masterful paintings are not usually able to recreate these images themselves, especially those who are not gifted with the abilities of Leonardo da Vinci. Technology has solved this problem–apps like BeCasso allow you to take photos, upload them, and then use creative effects to convert those photos into images that look like professional drawings, paintings, sketches, and more. 

  • How Does the Prisma App Work?

    With a simple click, everyone with a smartphone can capture special moments in photos and videos. However, pictures taken with smartphone cameras frequently feel bland. Apps like Prisma can turn photos into paintings by applying painter style transfer artificial intelligence AI techniques that include filters in the style of the user’s favourite painters.

  • Who Made Stable Diffusion?

    Stability Diffusion is currently the rage in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) image generation and machine learning. While most AI image generators run in the cloud, Stable Diffusion allows users to run the program on their personal computers and generate as many images as they want, without ever connecting to a cloud.