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Stable Diffusion 3 Versus DALL-E 3

If you’re keen to try the Stable Diffusion 3 model, you’re far from alone–this new platform from Stability AI has just been released as an early preview, generating lots of hype about how it will perform.

As expected, speculation and analysis of the test images included in the announcement have meant that thousands of AI artwork creators and developers have been quick to compare Stable Diffusion 3 and SDXL, DALL-E 3, Midjourney 6, and other leading text-to-artwork models.

Thus far, Stable Diffusion 3 appears to be a serious contender and is beating performance benchmarks compared to other frontier models. It has a remarkable ability to interpret complex text prompts and generate photorealistic images with some of those challenging details, including typography, that many other models have long struggled with.

Analyzing Preview Images Created With Stable Diffusion 3

Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3) remains in testing. Still, we got a glimpse into its capabilities when Stability AI included a number of vibrant renders within its post introducing the platform, published on the 22nd of February. Many of those images have since been compared to the outputs generated by other leading AI image generators, using identical input prompts to see how the graphics match up.

The preview images created with Stable Diffusion 3 (SD3), as showcased in Stability AI's introduction post on February 22nd, have significantly highlighted the advanced capabilities of this new model. 

Comparing these vibrant renders to outputs from other leading AI image generators, including DALL-E 3, using identical input prompts, it becomes evident that SD3 not only matches but surpasses the benchmark set by its predecessors and competitors in several key areas.

Where DALL-E 3 has been criticized for generating images that often look strikingly similar, and lacking variety, Stable Diffusion 3 produces a wide array of unique and diverse outcomes from the same prompt. 

Another common shortfall associated with DALL-E 3 has been its inconsistent adherence to style prompts. Users have frequently pointed out that, despite its ability to generate high-quality images, DALL-E 3 sometimes fails to accurately capture or reflect the specified styles or artistic nuances requested in the input prompts.

Additional reviews have backed up these findings, noting that even though DALL-E 3 has long been thought to be one of the best AI text-to-image generators in terms of prompt adherence, Stable Diffusion 3 is outperforming it in many cases.


What Makes Stable Diffusion 3 Different?

Stable Diffusion 3 introduces new functionality across multiple aspects, including:

  • Better understanding and ability to render typography
  • Developing multiple subjects or characters in one graphic, interpreted from longer and more complicated text prompts
  • Higher rates of coherence with user commands and augmented image quality and consistency

Because SD3 is a platform incorporating several AI models, ranging in size from 800 million to eight billion parameters, it has greater scalability applications. This means that anybody will be able to use it, regardless of their computing capacity. This differentiating factor presents a good balance between accessibility and creative control.

Its preview coincides with the earlier introduction of Sora, created by OpenAI–Stability AI’s rival and also the organisation behind DALL-E 3. Therefore, OpenAI may well be expecting that, in the near future, Sora will be the closest competitor to Stable Diffusion 3.

Like SD3, Sora hasn’t yet been released for large-scale use, but it’s been shown to create images that are lifelike enough to pass for real-world photography. Part of the delay with the release of Sora is the concern that it is so advanced it could be used for unethical purposes–such as creating deep fakes and counterfeit images.

Stability AI is equally cautious, which is likely the reason behind the test preview, without any confirmation yet about when SD3 will be available for us all to use. Testing is ongoing to identify any possible misuse of the text-to-image platform.

When we know more about either of these newest text-to-image AI models and platforms, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free