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AI Art for DnD: A New Era of Fantasy Illustration

Dungeons and Dragons, or ‘DnD,’ is one of the world's most-played role-play games. Whether you're a newbie or a Dungeon Master, the first step is creating a character, such as a wizard or a fighter, a halfling or a human–and an increasing proportion of players are using an AI art generator.

While there is some controversy, which we’ll explain in more detail below, the interest and excitement about using AI art for commercial use or developing unique, complex, intricate fantasy characters and landscapes is undeniable.

How Is AI Art Used in DnD Design?

It's no secret that DnD is a huge draw for creatives and gamers who need to think quickly and improvise in and out of battle. A growing number of players are using text-to-image AI models as inspiration to experiment with different characters and creatures or to visualise their ideas.

According to Wizards of the Coast, the DnD community is extensive, with about 13.7 million active players internationally. The diversity of gameplay options, with participants using virtual tabletops, online game formats, and earlier iterations of the game, has been part of the reason it's still going strong more than fifty years since it was first created.

Gamers can create free AI images to design customised avatars as a creative hobby outside of games or to generate fresh ideas to take their existing illustrations and make them more elaborate.

Benefits of AI Artwork Generators for DnD Gameplay

The primary advantage of an AI artwork generator is that users can surpass their imaginations and insert any number of text prompts to experiment with the outcomes or to try and create a truly original character. Creators can pick and choose from any theme, class, style, or race and use the capacity of AI artwork models to try alternative weapons, accessories, and clothing, with a limitless number of ways to add detail or try different styles and colour schemes.

Using an AI art generator is a great option for players with limited artistic ability and offers the following:

  • Fast and free image creation, with most illustrations developed in just a few seconds
  • Tailored designs, with the AI reliant on prompts and inputs you select
  • A choice of AI artwork models, with plenty of inspiration from other AI image creators to use as a resource

Whether you need to create a monster or a mythical creature, a fantastical weapon, or a magical potion, AI image generators can quickly assemble vibrant, immersive images based on your ideas.

Drawbacks and Limitations of Text-to-Image AI Models in DnD

The biggest pitfall is, as we’ve mentioned, the debate about whether DnD players should use AI artwork–while noting that most community forums show a consensus that the vast majority of players use AI in some way. For example, simple Photoshop software is partially dependent on AI tech, and while it isn't necessarily an advanced machine learning tool, it incorporates AI into the editing tools.

However, the franchise stated that it would discourage the use of AI when creating scenery and characters following a debate about some of the illustrations included in the latest Bigby Presents series.

Provided gamers are aware of the rules and use AI mindfully, it seems highly likely it will continue gaining traction and offering a new and exciting medium for players to develop gaming assets, whether they're sharing them online or using them in private group games.

Predictions for the Ongoing Impacts of AI Artwork Generation in DnD

AI art generators have revolutionised how gamers and participants create their in-play assets and characters. While there may be disagreements between the publishers and the players, with the former kicking back against the evolution from old to new, there is no doubt that AI image creators are here to stay.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free