AI Face Generator Reviews

Technology has come a long way, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models called generative adversarial networks are now able to learn and generate faces that are almost indistinguishable from real faces—faces of people who have never existed. 

What Is an AI Face Generator?

An AI face generator, also known as a random face generator, is a program based on advanced image processing technology that is capable of generating random human faces. These AI models are built using neural network architectures, the most common being generative adversarial networks—GANs—and the StyleGAN algorithm developed by the computer graphics company NVIDIA.

AI face generators consider attributes like gender, personality, age, hairstyle and other features to craft realistic faces. As a result, in a few seconds, these programs can create high-resolution pictures that can pass as a selfie or portrait photograph. 

AI Face Generator Reviews

There are a handful of AI face generator programs available online on desktop and on mobile apps. In this article, we will review five of the top AI face generators currently available.

1. This Person Does Not Exist

This is one of the most popular online free AI face generators available today. Built using the basics of StyleGAN built by Nvidia, This Person Does Not Exist has become popular for being able to almost instantaneously create random face images. You can also learn how to create faces with StyleGAN.

The online app will generate random faces of women, children, and men in a rotation. However, the one caveat with this app is the lack of customisation features which do not allow users to choose the particular attributes of the faces generated. This makes it a perfect tool for people looking to generate a quick random photo-realistic image without an exact specification.

2. Generated Photos

In addition to the services offered by their face generator, Generated Photos includes editing options for better output. The AI faces generated by this program are of such high quality that it has become the go-to tool for many reputable platforms including BBC, Forbes, The Verge, Daily Mail, and more. 

The one caveat of using Generated Photos is that to download the generated faces in higher quality and unlock extra editing features, users need to upgrade to a premium plan which starts at $19.99 per month.

3. Face Gen 

Face Gen is a great AI face generator that allows users to create 3D faces either from scratch or based on photos provided. With this app, users can define the properties that make up a face model and morph and modify these faces using a fixed set of parameters. Users can also adjust apparent age, ethnicity, and gender when generating models with Face Gen. Additionally, Face Gen includes a parametric control of facial expressions and includes a set of phoneme expressions for the animation of characters with "speaking" roles.

4. Fake Face Generator

While the other applications on this list are either PC or online, Fake Face Generator brings AI face generation to mobile devices. A free mobile application that uses AI to generate a huge number of random faces, this app allows users to generate faces of men, women, and children in a short amount of time. While the output may not be comparable with other more advanced StyleGAN applications, users can create random faces on the go.

5. Meragor

Meragor is a free online AI face generator tool that generates random faces and offers a huge selection of already-made pictures and portraits for you to choose from. Meragor also allows users to select the size of the portrait before downloading, saving you the work of cropping. Users can also select categories such as portrait, European, and popular when generating images. 

In Summary

The programs reviewed on this list are designed through AI and GAN or StyleGAN algorithms, making everything automated and simple. These algorithms are complex enough to make believable human faces and expressions, and are able to generate random faces with a high amount of detail that can easily pass for selfies or other portrait photos.