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BeCasso Review

Lovers of artistic images and masterful paintings are not usually able to recreate these images themselves, especially those who are not gifted with the abilities of Leonardo da Vinci. Technology has solved this problem–apps like BeCasso allow you to take photos, upload them, and then use creative effects to convert those photos into images that look like professional drawings, paintings, sketches, and more. 

What Is BeCasso?

BeCasso is a mobile app that enables users to transform photos into unique, high-quality, high-resolution non-photorealistic renditions of the image. It is one of the easiest photo editing apps available with an integrated photo to painting converter. BeCasso is inspired by real-world paintings, drawing techniques, and styles of famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Hokusai. 

BeCasso offers a wide range of art styles and modes, including oil painting, watercolour, cartoon, pencil hatching, and pop art. BeCasso truly stands out from the crowd with its implementation of advanced style adjustments. Not only can users create unique artworks with filters, but they can also manually adjust different stylization features, such as varying the level of abstraction, pen, contour lines, or brush and stroke direction. 

The new Retouch tools allow for pixel-precise touch-ups using your finger or an Apple Pencil. However, BeCasso is only available on the Apple App Store. Android users need to explore alternative photo-editing applications, including Prisma, Behance, and Deep Art Effects, or GoArt (be sure to read our review of the GoArt app).

How Does BeCasso Work? 

BeCasso works differently from most photo-to-painting converter mobile apps that are built on neural networks and physically based approaches. The BeCasso app is popular for employing state-of-the-art, nonlinear image filtering techniques. This method differs from convolutional neural networks processing and how the Prisma app works.

Nonlinear filtering is one of the most utilised forms of the filter construction. While linear filters use the spatial mask in a convolution process, nonlinear filters use the mask to first obtain the neighbouring pixel values, and then ordering mechanisms to produce the output. 

As the mask is moved about the photo, the order of the pixels in the windowed section of the image is rearranged, and the output is generated from these rearranged input pixels. Nonlinear image filtering techniques make apps like BeCasso excel in the enhancement of photos. 

The same model is used for BeCasso's oil paint and cartoon effects–when a user uploads a picture, the mask moves over the photo to generate smoothed structure information. It then interactively synthesises the generated renderings with soft colour transitions to give the output the style appearance as the chosen reference filter.

Top Features of BeCasso

After understanding how BeCasso works, it’s worth taking a look at the best features of this mobile photo editing app:

  • BeCasso is designed with a high-quality AI-based neural style transfer offering up to thirty or more unique effects.
  • By combining different styles with modes, BeCasso users get an increased number of combinations to apply to their pictures.
  • BeCasso is highly customizable, allowing users to not only select styles and filters but adjust the degree to which they want the styles applied over their pictures.
  • BeCasso has high-fidelity digital art styles–such as oil painting, watercolour, cartoon, pencil hatching, and pop art–for unique results.
  • Print your masterpieces on canvas and paper, or send artsy holiday greeting postcards with BeCasso’s integrated printing services.
  • The app boasts of one of the fastest processing times among mobile phone editors.
  • You can export images at very high resolutions.
  • Processed pictures can be immediately shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook directly from the app.

Cost of BeCasso 

Most features on BeCasso can be accessed in the free version; however, to export higher resolution pictures, export pictures without a watermark, and use the full range of effects, you’ll need to upgrade to BeCasso Premium. The price of the premium package is $5.80 per month or $39.00 per year, or you can purchase lifetime access for a one-time payment of $115.90. 


BeCasso is a powerful app that transforms photos into stunning, high-resolution pieces of art. The app offers a variety of tools for controlling every aspect of the effects being applied to the images, making BeCasso a great, simple application for creating memorable artwork.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free