Can Anyone Use Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion is an AI art model launched in August by Stability AI. Just like other AI art models, it can convert text into images in a short time—you just need to feed text prompts into the algorithm. 

There are many reasons why the Stable Diffusion text-to-image model is unique. First, Stable Diffusion is open-source, meaning any developer can use its code as the basis for creating applications, sites, and services. 

Second, you can run Stable Diffusion on your computer rather than online. This is unlike the existing web-based AI art models that run from remote servers and must be accessed through websites and APIs. 

Being Open-Source 

The founders of the Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator decided to design it as open-source. Open-source refers to software being publicly accessible so that anyone can use its code as they see fit. Most software developers who release their products as open-source intend to garner benefits such as enhancing the program’s performance—because many developers will access the software, they’ll quickly identify and fix errors. 

Anyone can use the Stable Diffusion model to generate customised images. They may also use the code to create art-related apps, such as those that enhance the drawing of cartoons or even making collages. 

The Double-Edged Sword

Even though Stable Diffusion being open-source may spark growth in human creative potential, there are disadvantages.

Many AI art models have restricted access to their software to a few individuals, in part because they believe that people may use the generators to create harmful content. Stable Diffusion founders decided to provide a permissive licence to its users to act as a guardrail to its use. To generate images using Stable Diffusion, you must first agree to the terms and conditions of the licence. This way, any attempts to produce offensive art using the Stable Diffusion are blocked. 

Stable Diffusion Can Be Run Locally

Stable Diffusion is the first AI art model that can be installed on a computer and run locally, meaning users no longer need to access a website to generate images from text prompts. After downloading the Stable Diffusion software onto your PC, you can create numerous images without restrictions. 

To successfully run the Stable Diffusion model, however, you need a gaming laptop with a powerful processor. Its’ creators recommend a Nvidia GPU with a VRAM of at least 6.9 gigabytes. Stable Diffusion’s algorithm also requires a huge system memory to produce and store high-resolution images from text prompts. 


Stable Diffusion has revolutionised the AI art world both for coders and the general public. By making its code public to the world, the impact Stable Diffusion will have on this exciting industry is only just beginning.