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This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

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Can I Create an Avatar From a Photo for Free?

All users are welcome to build an avatar at NightCafe studio entirely free of charge, with zero coding knowledge necessary. Simply choose your preferred text prompt and the style or theme of your selected avatar, and use the power of AI to create a unique avatar within just a few seconds!

We use our text-to-image models and intuitive user interfaces to provide an enjoyable, creative and low-cost platform, leveraging the latest AI generators to help you create amazing digital artworks–whether you’re interested in understanding digital avatars or just want a cool digital image of yourself.

How Can an Image Generator Create an Avatar?

Unsure how AI generates avatars that look so convincingly like a human face? A face generator can work on the basis of either your text prompt or an existing image, which is normally a photo or digital picture of yourself.

The training process is key to understanding digital avatars because they are exposed to millions of images featuring a vast volume of faces, features, attributes, and characteristics, coupled with text pairs that describe what each source image represents.

Our avatar generator then uses that knowledge to translate your text prompt and unpick what you are looking for, such as knowing what a hair colour means, how age relates to skin tone, what size sunglasses would look appropriate on a face, and your instructions in terms of style, background, and features.

For example, you might decide you'd like your avatar to look like:

  • A professional business person in the summer with a short haircut
  • A smiling, busy Mum with a messy hairstyle
  • An army general with a bald head in full uniform looking serious

The next step is to choose from the pre-set styles–artistic, black and white, or full-colour portraits–and see how the AI interprets your phrase.

What Can I Use an AI-Generated Avatar For?

Avatars are primarily used for creativity and fun, whether you'd like a digital avatar for your social media pages and gaming platforms, in place of a headshot on business documents, or to send to your friends to use in your contact card.

There are also lots of commercial applications for digital avatars:

  • To use in marketing and promotions
  • To humanise chatbots and live chat functions
  • To make explainers and web pages more welcoming

Some people wish to upload a digital avatar to their professional bios or pages due to privacy reasons or because they do not have a suitable photo.

NightCafe is happy for AI avatar users to utilise their portraits and images for commercial reasons. The only restriction is that we don't support the generation of deep fakes or AI avatars intended for unethical uses, such as scamming or falsely representing a real-life person.

The avatars designed by AI in response to a text prompt are always unique and never based on an actual person. However, if you create an avatar from a photo, this will be based on your characteristics.

What Does it Cost to Create a Digital AI-Generated Avatar of Myself?

Our platform provides free access, and you can build an avatar with market-leading AI models such as Stable Diffusion without any cost. You can create your portrait without inputting any payment or credit card details and download your picture without any watermark.

If you'd like a higher-resolution avatar or to be able to apply precise edits, you can purchase credits to increase your access or enter advanced mode for a wider range of styles. 

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free