Can You Create Your Own Face With an AI Generator?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking over the art industry as we know it. More artists are incorporating AI tools into their work, especially when creating digital images. These tools, however, aren’t reserved just for professional artists.

Even amateurs and art lovers with little artistic talent are using AI tools to generate desired images and other pieces of art. One of the reasons why AI art and AI art generators have become so popular is the plausibility of their outputs. Some of these pieces are so real that they can’t be distinguished from ones done by hand.

Human images generated through AI come with faces that replicate natural human faces, making it difficult for art collectors to tell the difference between AI-generated images and hand-drawn ones. Many people who want to use an AI art generator usually ask: Can you create your own face with an AI generator?

The answer is: yes–AI art generators like NightCafe Creator are designed to use various advanced AI art generation methods like neural networks and Deepfake face generation to produce realistic faces that are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Some people even like fake faces more than real ones.

Trained art appraisers can even be fooled by fictional, AI-generated faces because they’re completely plausible; many people are even using AI face creator software to generate faces for their social media platforms. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people taking advantage of this technology to generate digital images that they use to run online scams and phony social media accounts.

Experts have advised internet users to be extra careful when interacting with their social media friends and followers because some AI-generated faces are extremely effective when used for malicious purposes such as revenge, fraud, and embarrassment. Before you start using AI face generators to create your own face and other human faces, you need to understand how AI can be trained to recognize faces. Remember that these AI tools use deep learning to recognize and replicate the images they’ve been fed.

How an AI Face Creator Works

AI face generators are software-based tools designed to generate photo-realistic faces in real time. These tools enable you to generate multiple variations of your face, making each image unique. For instance, it can generate different versions of your face that are old, young, sad, happy, blonde, black, with makeup, without makeup, and more.

You can train your AI face generator with model-released facial images captured in a photo studio. Most face generators come with several important features that enable them to generate believable faces–the most common features of an AI face generator include:

  • Adjustable head positions
  • Colour selections
  • Age elections
  • Accessories
  • A wide range of emotions
  • Various skin tones
  • Options to save and use elsewhere

AI face generators are trained through programs known as generative adversarial networks (GANs) that can quickly learn how to generate Deepfake images that are almost indistinguishable from the real ones. These GANs set two competing algorithms, or submodels called the generator and the discriminator, against each other in a zero-sum process designed to help the algorithm become more effective.

For instance, the discriminator, which is responsible for identifying Deepfake images, becomes more effective in its function as the generator; it creates the Deepfakes and continues to improve its outputs. This way, the accuracy of your AI face generator improves continuously as it generates more faces.

Previously, white faces generated through AI were more accurate than other races largely because the initial AI face generators were mainly trained on white faces. However, the latest generative modelling programs, like NightCafe Creator, are trained on all types of faces for more accuracy across different races.