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Choosing An NFT Artwork Marketplace

A marketplace for non-fungible token (NFT) artwork is a platform where people can buy, sell, discover, and even create NFT items. You don’t have to be an artist to join any of them, and you can even sell art created with artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI NFT generators like we have here at NightCafe can help you with your project. But to make sure that your venture is successful, you must choose the best place to sell NFT art. Click here to learn why NFT art is expensive.

Where to Sell NFT Art

Where you sell your NFT art can mean the difference between earning serious money or wasting your time. You must consider which marketplace best suits your artwork and where your target audience will be. You’ll also need to consider other factors such as fees, saturation, and the blockchain being used.

Here are some of the best places to sell NFT art right now.


OpenSea is the Amazon of NFTs. It’s easily accessible and you can set up an account for free. It’s got everything: art, music, trading cards, collectibles, games, domain names, virtual worlds, etc. 

Once you have an account, you can sell, discover, or buy NFTs in minutes. You can even create your items on the platform without needing a single line of code.

OpenSea runs on two blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. Ethereum is more popular, but it comes with high gas fees. Polygon is gas-free, so you don’t have to pay when making trades.


Rarible is a community-owned marketplace designed to sell individual pieces and whole collections of NFT art. You can find photography, music, movies and books, including those from big brands and international artists. Like OpenSea, creators can create their artwork on the platform. They can also opt to show their work as a sneak peek, with the whole project visible only to the buyer.

Rarible uses its signature token RARI—and 75,000 are awarded to active users each week.


SuperRare brings the art gallery experience online. It’s an art-first NFT marketplace that only carries unique, single-edition artwork created by an artist in their network. Artists authentically create each piece, then tokenize it as a digital collectible. As the name suggests, this process makes the work super rare and even more scarce. It also helps explain why NFT art is expensive.

Right now, SuperRare only works with a small number of hand-picked artists (just one percent of those who apply). You can submit an artist profile to get on their radar, and if you’re accepted, you’ve got a ticket to guaranteed success.


Foundation is a community-curated NFT art platform run by a global collective of digital artists. It’s mega-exclusive. You can only join with an invite from Foundation’s current artists, who only have one invite each to give away. Still, it’s currently one of the most widely used marketplaces for NFT art, and because it’s home to genuine artists and creators, you’re sure that everything there is well-curated and high-quality.

Nifty Gateway

Follow the #NFT hashtag on Twitter, and you’re bound to come across Nifty Gateway. This marketplace has seen a lot of big-money sales in recent years, with some pieces raking in millions of dollars. 

What’s excellent about Nifty Gateway is that it uses “open editions, “ which give creators leeway to make an unlimited number of editions for a limited period at a base price. After this time, no more issues are sold, creating scarcity that helps drive up value.

Nifty Gateway is also user-friendly since it accepts Fiat currency, allowing buyers to use credit cards when purchasing.

You Don’t Have to Be an Artist to Sell NFT Art

Anyone can make digital art and sell them in NFT marketplaces, and you don’t have to be a professional artist or creator who knows how to illustrate, draw or paint to do it! With NightCafe, you can create art with AI by providing an input image, choosing a style, and adding keywords. The machine does the work for you, giving you artwork that you can sell in no time.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free