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Examples Of NFT Art And How You Can Create Your Own

NFTs have changed the way we think about digital ownership. People are generating consistent income through this technology, and we're here to help you do the same.

So in this article, we'll discuss what an NFT is, examples of NFT art, and how you can create your own NFTs. Let's begin


What Is An NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. In simple words, this means that every token is unique and cannot be replaced by another. This is in contrast to fungible tokens, which are all identical and interchangeable.

One example of a fungible token is currency. Let’s suppose you have a dollar. You can exchange this dollar with a dollar from your friend because both bills have the same value.

The same is true for bitcoin. It’s another example of a fungible token, where all bitcoins hold the same value and can be exchanged with one another.

Now consider Mona Lisa’s painting, which is an example of a non-fungible token. There is only one original painting and it can’t be exchanged for another piece of work. Its uniqueness and originality gives it value.

If you convert a file — like a picture, song, video, or GIF — into a unique asset, you get an NFT. You can sell it to another person for money, just like you sell a painting in real life. But there will only be one unique file out there, which is what makes it valuable.


What Are Some Examples Of NFT Art?

Any art can be an NFT, provided that it’s in a digital form. This can include a digital painting, photo, audio, animation, GIF, or even a picture of something you draw on paper. 

You can also create in-game collectibles and convert them into NFTs. In fact, one of the most famous NFTs is the Cryptokitties game, which allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital cats. It was launched in late 2017, and currently generates a revenue of $2M per year. 

This success has spawned a number of copycats, including games like Gods Unchained and Blockchain Cuties.

One popular example of NFT collectibles is the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where you can buy images of apes. Each ape is generated via an algorithm and is unique in terms of its headwear, clothing, expression, and more.

Another example of NFT art is the Decentraland virtual world. This world allows users to create and sell digital assets, which can be used to decorate their virtual spaces. Once again, these digital assets are unique and come with a certificate of authenticity and ownership, making them valuable.

Then, you also have projects like the MLB Crypto Baseball game, which allows users to buy and trade digital baseball cards. These cards are stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and they can be used to represent players, teams, and games.

If you’re looking to create NFTs, then it’s a good idea to focus on digital artwork. It’s easier to create and sell (vs in-game collectibles). Let’s discuss the process of NFT creation, which is also called NFT minting. You should also read our guide on minting NFTs vs buying them before you go on to create one. 


How To Create NFTs?

To create an NFT, you must first register with a blockchain platform, which will store your token. There are many options out there but one of the most popular is Ethereum. The next step is to create a crypto wallet, which is needed as you’ll need a way to pay for the cost of converting your artwork into an NFT. 

You must then connect this wallet to an NFT marketplace, where you can sell your tokens to other users. You can think of an NFT marketplace as a kind of digital stock exchange. Examples include OpenSea and Rarebits.

Once you have your wallet set up, you can start developing your NFT. This involves writing code to create your token and setting its properties. Or creating artwork using software like Photoshop.

If you can't code or use digital art software, then you can try our NFT creator, which is an AI text-to-image NFT creator.

It uses VQGAN and CLIP, two state-of-the-art image generation models, to create high quality NFTs. VQGAN is a deep learning model that generates realistic images, while CLIP judges how well your written prompt matches the generated image. By repeating this process a few hundred times, you can generate incredible digital artwork. 

Once you create a piece of art you’re satisfied with, you go to a marketplace and upload it. The marketplace will convert your artwork into an NFT for a fee, after which you can list it on their website for selling. 


Now You Can Create Your Own NFT!

NFTs are a powerful new technology that is changing the way we think about digital ownership. 

We hope the examples of NFT art discussed above will be a source of inspiration for you. If you’re not too tech-savvy and the word “coding” leaves you confused, then don’t forget to try our AI text-to-image NFT creator to simplify the process of NFT creation. 

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free