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Fostering Innovation With AI-Generated Content

We often think of artwork as purely for enjoyment and decoration, but the evolution of tools such as an AI art generator have far broader applications, from experiencing self-expression through AI art as a form of therapy to using AI artwork to influence design, architecture and product modelling.

The same applies to other AI-produced content, ranging from text content to creative storytelling, automated chatbots and commercial app design, all intended to make life easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Today we’ll run through some of the impacts of AI content, the pros and cons, and where you’re likely to come across AI–whether you know it or not!

Applications for AI-Generated Content and Imagery

One of the biggest focuses of modern society is personalisation. We're accustomed to shopping, socialising and dealing with life admin through our smartphones, and we expect brands, service providers and communication tools to be customised to our preferences.

This impetus means that all the content we digest needs to be increasingly diverse and targeted. From a commercial viewpoint, the creativity in AI art and the speed at which AI-generated content is produced is an ideal solution.

While chatbots are perhaps the best-known application, they're also a good use case to demonstrate what AI can do. If you have a query or problem, you can access a chatbot 24/7, pose any question, and anticipate an accurate, immediate response specific to your account or user details.

The same level of customisation applies to AI-generated artwork, where every image is unique to the user, depending on the input prompts they have selected, allowing recreational users and businesses to create a large body of content adapted entirely to their themes and visions. 

The Impacts of AI Innovation

AI remains a rather controversial topic, which is to be expected with any form of innovation or powerful force for change. Did you know that when telephone handsets, skateboards and even ice cubes were first introduced, they were equally met with scepticism?

However, it remains important to recognise both the positive and negative aspects of any innovations that have the potential to make a profound impact on the way we live, work and communicate. We won't know the full extent of how AI content creation will impact commercial and economic environments for some time, but some of the more notable impacts include the following:

  • Expedited advancements in research and development–where scientists, medical researchers and academics can cross-reference vast data sets and information sources in seconds, discovering links, connections and insights
  • Improved automation–from immediate communication to automated administrative tasks, boosting productivity, reducing the potential for manual error and enhancing capacity across varied sectors and industries
  • Heightened accessibility–where AI-generated content is available to all and from any location, removing obstacles to participation, education, and creativity that exist in conventional mediums

Alongside these far-reaching positives, it's also worth recognising the concerns that AI could replace some tasks, primarily those associated with data entry and extraction. It has areas still to be explored or that require human input, specifically around fact-checking, privacy and copyright legislation.

Those caveats notwithstanding, AI-generated content isn't going anywhere and is fast becoming a normal aspect of design, communication and marketing, albeit with a cautious approach to integration in some environments.

Popular Uses of AI-Generated Content

As you may suspect, you probably come across far more AI-generated content, or content produced with the assistance of AI, than you may realise! Writing assistants and AI artwork generators are now openly and often freely available, but you'll also find AI hard at work behind the scenes in other areas.

AI is used extensively in smart technology, in applications such as:

  • Travel planning–your app might adjust your route based on algorithmic learning about peak travel times, bottlenecks, and faster routes, displaying one of an array of pre-programmed notifications to expedite your journey.
  • Advertising–promotions and messaging can be targeted to your country or area, ensuring the products, prices and shipping information you see match your requirements, and are relevant to you.
  • Translations–if you're overseas or reading information originally written in another language, your immediate translation is all powered by AI, updating the content you see to ensure it is understandable.

While the majority of AI-generated content requires human intervention to proof, polish and refine images or text, it has proven to be an excellent resource in countless scenarios. Provided it is used transparently, AI-generated content is set to become considerably more prevalent. 

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free