How to Make a Person on This Person Does Not Exist

Throughout the past few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural networks have gone a long way toward recreating people's faces.

This Person Does Not Exist is an image-generation tool that creates fake photos that resemble the faces of people. In other words, this is a generator that creates the faces of non-existent humans–these fake portraits look extremely realistic. This Person Does Not Exist has become the go-to realistic face maker for those looking to generate real-life portraits.

This article will cover what This Person Does Not Exist is and how it works as an AI face creator. 

The Details

Philip Wang is the software engineer responsible for creating the artificial intelligence website called This Person Does Not Exist.

The creation process works by using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). GANs are a type of machine learning framework and This Person Does Not Exist uses StyleGANs created by T. Karras. Due to the fact that this process utilises an array of graphics processing units (GPUs), anyone can use it to create fake portraits. 

How To Create an AI Person

What is a generative adversarial network? Generative means to make something, and adversarial means a conflict between one or more things. Here, the word networks refers to neural networks. So, GAN is composed of two neural networks–one that generates outputs and another that approves or rejects those outputs based on an expected outcome.

In 2017, Nvidia's AI research team proposed the ProGAN network which composes the generator in a specific way whereby it builds a picture layer after layer, and the layers become larger and more accurate over time. ProGAN was improved upon by StyleGAN2, which can better separate the generator and the discriminator, ensuring less generator dependence in the training set. 

Philip Wang made the website extremely simple to use. This is what users need to do in order to generate an image:

  • First, navigate to
  • You will see that the website has instantly generated an image; depending on your internet speed, this might take a bit of time to load.
  • In order to load any other face, you simply refresh the page by clicking on your browser's refresh button or F5 on your keyboard if you are using a Windows machine.

On the bottom-right corner of the screen, the website also provides you with code through which you can train your own AI-powered image generator. 

Moving Forward With AI-Generated Images

In addition to generating realistic faces using AI, the website gives you access to multiple videos, code templates, and resources you can use to train and build your own This Person Does Not Exist program and website. The website is simple to use, meaning that you can use the program to generate as many images as you want within a few minutes.

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