How to Make a Photo Into Canvas Art

If you have a beautiful photograph or a special memory you'd like to display in your home, you might find that turning an image into pixel art or canvas art with photo editing software is a bit of a trial-and-error task. Luckily, NightCafe is an innovative, AI-powered tool that turns photos into art, with a vast choice of styles and graphics, depending on the aesthetic you're after.

It's as simple as selecting your source image, browsing the available artistic styles, and watching the AI weave its way through your graphics, whether you want to make a photo look like vector art or expand it into a full-size creative canvas.

Translating a Graphic From Camera Roll Onto Canvas

Our catalogue of styles varies from funky pop art to graceful surrealism, punchy modern lines to dreamy classical paintings, giving you a world of choice to find exclusive filters for your photos. Inspired by some of the best artists and pieces on the planet, we give you the creative freedom to experiment with designs and reimagine your photography.

Here are some quick tips on photo reconfiguration options:

  • Oil painting styles are ideal for landscapes and portraits, with a life-like depiction but softened with gentle brush strokes.
  • Watercolour filters make a photo look like a piece of art that has taken hours to create and have a stunning, timeless feel.
  • Pop art filters transform any photo into a unique graphic, using striking colours and bold contracts.
  • Sketch filters are a fun way to create a canvas replicating the shading in a professional sketch.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We recommend opting for a high-definition output with sufficient detail to print your new custom graphic onto a large-scale canvas without losing quality.

How Do I Turn My Photo Into a Canvas?

We're all about broadening access to the power of AI and making the joy of creativity open to everyone–you truly don't need to know anything about the technicalities of AI deep learning to get involved. All you need to do to transform your photo into an artwork fit for a canvas is:

  • Upload your source image–it might be a family portrait, a selfie, a snap of your favourite place, or a pet picture; there are no rules.
  • Choose a style you love–NightCafe has an impressive array of creative techniques, and you can try various options if you'd like to get an idea of which artwork niches work best with your photography subject.
  • Play with advanced filters–if you have a specific mood in mind, you can tweak your image as you wish, adding intensity and other layers of editing.
  • Download your image–once you're happy that you've got the perfect graphic, you can watch the AI at work in real-time and save your artwork in various resolutions.

Canvas art is an excellent way to capture a moment in time and make your photography a focal point in your home. With an intuitive, fast photo-to-painting converter, you can get in touch with your inner artist to create a truly special masterpiece.