How to Make a Photo Look Like an Oil Painting

If you have ever wanted to transform pictures into a painting online, you might have been bombarded with a plethora of options but found most of them did not meet your expectations or failed to make the painting look realistic. Many of the solutions can also feel overwhelming or convoluted to the point that the process feels less joyful and more like a chore. 

Some software have begun implementing the process of training convolutional neural networks, and some even use a neural blender to help people transform pictures into paintings. In this article, we’ll look at some of the tools that can help you fulfill your dreams with ease.

Creating an Oil Painting Image

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been two of the most modern methods utilised when it comes to generating images. These tools combined can create images that can be shared across social media channels or turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and are utilised in making a photo appear as an oil painting.

NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator is essentially an AI art generation application that features multiple methods through which AI art can be generated. You can utilise natural style transfer and turn any photo that you have into a work of art; additionally, you can utilise text-to-image AI as a means of creating art directly from a text prompt. 

Navigate to NightCafe Creator, then select any pink button that reads ‘Style Transfer.’

  1. Select the Right Image

Select an image, then on the second page, choose the style that you are interested in using. It is recommended that you pick a style with a similar colour palette to your input image.

  1. Set Other Parameters

Next, you can add an additional level of style and functionality to your image. For example, you can create a video—a ten- to twenty-second video of your creation that is generated for two extra credits. When it comes to the resolution, you have three options, including:

  • Low Res—0.4 Megapixels (one credit)
  • Medium Res—0.8 Megapixels (two credits)
  • High Res—2.2 Megapixels (five credits)

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on ‘Create,’ and you will see your image transform into an oil painting within minutes.


NighCafe Creator is essentially a web-based application that is utilised as a means of generating art through the utilisation of AI. While this program began as a neutral style transfer application where one image was reimagined in the style of another, it also implemented text-to-image art generation. This process uses VQGAN+CLIP, which means that you no longer need your own photo to create an oil painting.

Now, you’ll hopefully have a higher level of understanding when it comes to making your photo look like an oil painting within minutes–NightCafe makes the process as simple and streamlined as possible.