How to Use DALL-E

Gone are the days when you had to spend days, weeks, and months creating a single piece of art. You can now use artificial intelligence programs like DALL-E to create your desired artwork in just a few hours. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use DALL-E to come up with original and unique pieces of art that you can sell to your fans and interested collectors.

What’s DALL-E?

DALL-E is an AI system that can create images from natural-language text prompts. This artificial intelligence program, which is a product of OpenAI, uses a dataset of text-image pairs to generate the desired images. 

But OpenAI has not made DALL-E available to the public just yet. The fact that DALL-E is so powerful means that it has been the target of some controversy and is only available to a restricted number of people who signed up for the waitlist.

Since OpenAI released GPT-2, they’ve been hesitant to make their AI models freely available to everyone. GPT-3 is the company’s most advanced language model and is only accessible through an API interface. The actual code and parameters of this model aren’t available. However, the AI community is not pleased by the decision by OpenAI not to make its models readily available to the public, and many renowned figures in the community have openly criticized the company for this policy.

This policy has also ignited the old disagreements over the most effective approach toward general AI. DALL-E is the latest innovation by OpenAI, and it shows that there’s still a lot to be explored in the world of neural networks–as long as you have the exemplary architecture and inductive biases.   

How to Use DALL-E

The GPT-3 approach has proven that you can instruct large neural networks using a language to perform various text generation functions. The image implementations of GPT models like DALL-E by OpenAI have shown that neural networks can be used to generate unique images using texts with a high level of conformity, and they also confirm the belief that manipulation of visual concepts using languages is possible.

DALL-E is a model of language that transforms text into images. It receives the text and image descriptions as one stream of data with about 1280 tokens. With proper training, this AI language model can generate all the available tokens. A fully trained DALL-E program will not only create images from scratch, but can also recreate rectangular regions of existing images extending to the bottom-right corner in a way that matches the text prompts.

This AI tool can modify various attributes of an object and the number of times it appears. You can also use it to draw multiple images simultaneously, as it is able to control multiple objects, their features, and their spatial relationships. For instance, if you want to generate an image using the text, “a hedgehog wearing a red hat, yellow gloves, blue shirt, and green pants,” DALL-E will correctly compose every piece of the clothing along with the animal and form accurate relationships between all aspects.

DALL-E can control the perspective of a scene and the three-dimension style in which every scene is extracted. For instance, it can repetitively generate the head of a human being at every angle from scenes of equally spread out angles, helping you to recover a smooth image of the rotating human head–DALL-E can apply different types of optical distortions to each scene using the fisheye lens view and spherical panorama to generate reflections. Other uses of DALL-E include:

  • Imagining internal and external structure
  • Deducing contextual details
  • Applying previous capabilities
  • Merging unrelated concepts
  • Creating animal artworks
  • Using zero-shot pictorial reasoning
  • Using geographic familiarity
  • Using chronological knowledge
It’s not too important to familiarize yourself with DALL-E’s API to understand how it works–fortunately, you don’t have to be a coding expert to use this AI image generator. Soon, DALL-E 2 will be available for use in an online implementation that allows you to create beautiful artwork instantly.