Stable Diffusion Runs Locally on Home Computers

Stability Diffusion is one of the first AI art models you can run locally on your computer. It’s exciting that you can now create your own AI art on your PC. You just enter a text prompt and the algorithm will generate a photorealistic image based on your input. 

Stability AI created Stable Diffusion to help people reach their potential. Initially, AI art generators were research models limited to a few individuals, but with Stable Diffusion being open-source software, now anyone can create the art they desire. This article will show you how to run Stable Diffusion locally on your PC. 

Stable Diffusion Can Be Used Both Online and Locally

Most AI art generators are web-based, meaning they need to use remote and expensive servers when generating images from text prompts. Stability AI, the creator of Stable Diffusion, decided to build an AI art model that was more accessible. So, they created Stable Diffusion online and locally.

Stable Diffusion online is the web-based version of the AI art model. You can access it through the DreamStudio website. Like other AI art models, it uses a paid subscription model, where you get up to 200 free image generations and 1000 image generations for ten euros. 

The DreamStudio website also provides resources to guide you on creating amazing, realistic images with the Stable Diffusion model, giving you more control over the parameters to influence the results of the image generation process. 

Stable Diffusion on Your PC 

Stable Diffusion is unique because you can install it and run it locally on your computer. There are numerous system requirements for Stable Diffusion to work on your PC. First, it’s recommended that you buy a gaming laptop, as generating images with high resolution and multiple iterations require lots of processing power. The algorithm of the AI art model requires system memory, SSD, and a graphics processing unit (GPU)—gaming laptops have such capabilities. 

Some of the tips to make the most of Stable Diffusion related to hardware. Stability AI recommends your GPU have at least 6.9 gigabytes (GB) of video RAM. At the moment, only Nvidia GPUs have such capabilities. The Stable Diffusion Model is about four GB in size, so ensure you’ve got enough space on your laptop for the model and support files. 

Changing How People Interact With Art

Stable Diffusion is open-source. You can build applications, websites, and services based on the code it provides, and you can create apps that enhance kids’ drawings, produce collages from inpainting and outpainting, and make cartoons. Most of these processes are possible with existing AI art models, but Stable Diffusion pushes the creative revolution to the next level. 


Stable Diffusion is one of the first AI art models that can be run locally on your PC. By truly bringing AI art generation into users' homes, this tool is the next step in a constantly changing world.