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Virtual Art Therapy Activities

Telehealth art therapy activities allow participants to explore different forms of creative expression using a wide range of visual art media.

As a type of psychotherapy, art therapy promotes well-being and healing. It delivers insights into the causes of mental health conditions or cognitive differences that make it hard for people to understand and come to grips with their emotions.

Creative therapies include everything from dance to painting, and can be delivered in person, one-on-one, as a group, or remotely. They are a flexible way for any participant to access beneficial therapy.


What Is Virtual Art Therapy?

The participants and their needs shape each art therapy session. The primary aim is to help each person explore their emotions and use the therapy as a vehicle for self-expression.

Creative therapies improve self-esteem and don't require any specific level of skill or proficiency in art.

That said, a typical digital art therapy class isn't solely about creativity. The schedule may include:

  • Client assessments and discussion
  • Supported art-making
  • A conclusion and analysis of the outcomes

Group virtual art sessions are usually less formal, and practitioners often give more open-ended prompts rather than specifying a particular subject or object to be drawn or created.

If you're unsure how to display digital art, you can store creations through an online NFT gallery or build a private gallery for each person to access whenever they wish.


How Does Remote Art Therapy Help With Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety and stress-related conditions are one of many reasons a person may be referred to an art therapist or decide to practice art therapy independently at home.

Outcomes from therapy include a sense of relaxation and calm, increased self-awareness, and a boosted self-image after using a creative outlet for emotional expression.

Many practitioners offer art therapy along with CBT or other medical interventions, but it can be a standalone therapy or part of a wider support package as well.

Remote therapies are particularly relevant in anxiety disorders because these conditions may make it prohibitively difficult for participants to attend a more formal in-person session.

Participating in a safe, protected space ensures minimal distractions or intrusions so each individual can fully express themselves without feeling anxious or being worried about being judged. It’s important that they feel comfortable and relaxed.


Remote Art Therapy Techniques

It is impossible to list every potential art therapy technique suitable for a remote session because the right creative activity depends very much on the individual or group.

If you wish to engage in art therapy quickly and easily, you can try an AI art generator for art therapy

However, the ideas below are options suitable for virtual delivery either to an individual service user or in a group setting:

  • Self-portraits: Attendees can create self-portraits using any medium they choose. They can take photographs, draw, paint, make a mask, or use a creative app to design a digital representation of how they perceive themselves.
  • Story writing: Writing stories either by hand or through a digital blog can begin with just one word, theme, or phrase. It encourages participants to develop ideas or express their thoughts with words.
  • NFT artwork creation: Participants can build artwork from a word prompt, image, or sentence and use their thoughts and experiences to create artwork without needing any additional resources.

The right virtual art therapy activities will, of course, depend on the participant or group, the focus of the session, and desired outcomes.

However, by providing a simple structure and one or two prompts, you can let each user take the idea you have provided and run with it.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free