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What Is the Best Stable Diffusion Model?

Stable Diffusion is an artificial intelligence (AI) model that is revolutionising the world of digital art, making it easy for artists and content creators to generate high-quality images simply by using text prompts and source images.

AI generators utilise this model to give you photorealistic images and other detailed digital illustrations at the click of a button. You can even make your Stable Diffusion model more effective by integrating it with other AI art-generation technologies, such as low-ranking adaptation (LoRA). If you go this route, make sure you understand the operational principles of the LoRA technology to learn how to use it with Stable Diffusion. 

That said, it is critical to first decide which Stable Diffusion model you want to use.

Popular Stable Diffusion Models

Stable Diffusion is based on latent diffusion, a deep generative neural network commonly used in machine learning. This model is compatible with most consumer devices with a GPU of at least eight gigabytes of VRAM. 

Here are the most common Stable Diffusion models:


AbsoluteReality is a cutting-edge Stable Diffusion model that has garnered significant attention in the AI art generation community. It’s a sister model to DreamShaper, another model available for use right now on NightCafe.

Last updated on Aug 05, 2023, this model is known for its capabilities in generating landscapes, photorealistic portraits, hyperrealistic character portraits, and other forms of photography.

The latest model version is particularly noted for its enhanced eye details. The model has been trained and refined by a creator named Lykon, who also created DreamShaper.

The model's origin traces back to the development of DreamShaper 6. While testing various models, the creator found that AbsoluteReality excelled at recreating photos with simple and minimalistic prompts. The primary difference between DreamShaper and AbsoluteReality is their objectives: while DreamShaper focuses on art, AbsoluteReality aims at realism. Although there's some overlap, each has its unique strengths.


OpenJourney is another cutting-edge Stable Diffusion model whose capabilities are widely known. It can generate dreamlike and strange visuals with extraordinary resourcefulness. 

OpenJourney allows you to defy some of the typical rules of AI art generation so that you can exercise your creativity with more stunning images. This model works perfectly for visualising imaginary worlds, events, and animals.


Deliberate is a Stable Diffusion model that generates AI images with a high degree of realism and accuracy. It’s known for its visually appealing interface and simple structure. Whether you’re a professional or an emerging artist, Deliberate can help you convert your ideas to realistic images and other pieces of art.

You can use Deliberate to simulate everyday items such as people, cars, animals, etc. Make sure the text prompt you use captures the main features of the item you want to create. Remember, shorter prompts can generate better images.


This model is known for its amazing digital art styles that resemble design. With DreamShaper, you can generate brilliantly styled images. Once you’ve trained your model on the right data, you’ll be able to capture the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of your subjects.

DreamShaper gives your artwork life with its vivid colours and fascinating intricacies. Many artists and designers are using it to generate graphics; it also allows you to adjust its algorithm parameters to generate pieces that simulate original artwork.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, be sure to get insights into Stable Diffusion 2.1 checkpoint files because they’ll help you generate AI images of both general and specific genres. Note that the images generated by your Stable Diffusion model depend on the data you train it on.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free