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Who Owns AI Created Art?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the field of art by enabling artists to use digital tools to create unique and fascinating pieces. Many experienced and novice artists around the world are now using AI to generate paintings and other types of art, such as musical pieces and even poetry. AI art maker systems have also improved the speed with which artists create unique pieces.

However, some artists are still not well acquainted with the AI systems and therefore they're still skeptical about the whole concept. Some of the common questions asked about AI art include: 

We cover the answers to the first two questions in the articles linked above, and in this article we will dive into the answer of the third one.

What Is AI Art?

AI art is art created with the help of artificial intelligence systems and tools. This type of art is divided into two main categories: autonomous AI art and AI art created with the collaboration between humans and AI systems. 

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that builds tools that mimic human intellect, learning, and the ability to do things. 

Autonomous AI art is created by AI systems without the assistance of humans. However, this type of art is not as common as the one that involves collaboration between humans and robots.

How Does AI Art Work?

As mentioned above, AI art is generated by artificial intelligence. For you to generate this type of art, you'll need an art generator that uses artificial intelligence. Thankfully, there are numerous art generators out there that can help you to produce incredible pieces of art. 

These tools can be web applications or software with algorithms programmed into them. Therefore, you just need to give your art generator commands and the innate algorithms will do the rest.

There are two main processes through which these AI tools generate art. 

The first process is referred to as machine learning. It involves feeding your art generator with sets of data, including artworks, so that it can learn and understand the similarities of the data before it starts to reproduce pieces of art. 

For instance, if you feed your AI art generator with a set of images from ancient Egypt, it'll eventually understand how to generate pieces of art that resemble the images from Egypt.

The other process doesn't involve feeding the art generator with data related to the kind of art you want it to generate. So, it doesn't involve any kind of cohesiveness. Instead, it employs artificial intelligence to figure out what you want. Then, the AI tool creates art pieces according to its abilities.

Who Owns Art Created by AI?

The rising demand for AI art by collectors has given rise to major concerns, including the owners of AI pieces that are protected by copyrights. This concern is legitimate considering that today's art generators can recreate established works of art. Also, there have been concerns about who has the original copyright between the AI machine that generates the piece of art and the artist who owns it.

At present, it’s impossible to give a sweeping answer to the questions of AI art ownership since the laws are evolving in the space vary widely from one jurisdiction to the next. 

The safest way to be sure is to speak with a copyright attorney that is familiar with authorship laws in your area.

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free