Who Owns Stable Diffusion?

StabilityAI sponsored the creation of the Stable Diffusion AI art model. But, while it was developed by StabilityAI, stable diffusion is an open source model and can be used by anyone. 

It was founded and funded by Emad Mostaque in 2019 and has since grown to make an impact in the AI art world. The founders wanted to create AI tools that would help people reach their potential. While other tech companies had previously guarded their AI models, making them available only to a few individuals, the creators of Stability AI wanted everyone to have access to these tools.

This article will tell you more about Stability AI and its AI art model, Stable Diffusion. 

The Open-Source AI Art Model

AI art models use text prompts to produce art–they make it easier for people who don’t have drawing talent to create unique artwork in a short time. While most AI models are simply research models by companies, Stable Diffusion is open-source software. You can use its code to create art, apps, and websites.

Stability AI intends to improve the Stability Diffusion art model so that anyone can use it to generate images they desire; the first step was to make it available to the public so they can use it and give feedback to their DevOps team. The Stable Diffusion text-to-image model will have better features as its team work on the limitations identified by users.  

Permissive Licence 

Stability AI provides a permissive licence to users of the Stable Diffusion for AI generation. Stability AI understands that AI art models can be used to produce harmful and offensive art if left unchecked–people sometimes use such tools to further a destructive agenda by producing fake images or harmful content. 

Stable Diffusion on Your PC 

Stable Diffusion is the first AI art model that can run locally. Other AI art models are web-based, running on remote servers, but you can download Stable Diffusion directly onto your laptop and create amazing photorealistic images. 

One of the system requirements for Stable Diffusion includes a graphic processing unit (GPU) with a VRAM of at least 6.9 gigabytes (GB). Stability AI recommends an Nvidia graphics card because it has enough system memory to store image data for display. In the future, AMD and Apple Silicon GPUs will also be adaptable to the Stable Diffusion AI art model. 

The Stable Diffusion model is about four GB. If you want to run the AI model locally, ensure your gaming laptop has a powerful processing speed. 


Stability AI owns the Stable Diffusion model. By developing a tool that can be used by anyone—and used offline—Stable Diffusion is making a splash in a constantly-evolving field.