How Can AI Help Creativity?

Many scientists agree that creativity is an important feature of human intelligence. You have innate abilities to learn, understand, and express yourself through art. Artificial intelligence (AI) works by mimicking these abilities to create things and perform tasks. Therefore, you can create fascinating art pieces using an artificial intelligence art generator

But the question that many critics and cynics ask is: How does AI help art? And how can AI help creativity? If you also have similar concerns, this article will provide you with the right answers. 

How Does AI Art Work?

Since AI is now being applied in virtually every aspect of life, it's only normal that artists would like to try it out. Currently, there are so many AI-generated art pieces on the market. 

These pieces are created by art generators that use artificial intelligence. They're computer programs that use algorithms to generate the desired artwork. The good thing about the latest AI art generators is that they do not require you to have any expertise in coding or art. They feature simple tools and functionalities that will help you to create unique artwork.

You just need to give the art generator a few commands and leave it to create the piece of art you desire. An AI art generator uses two main processes to create art. The first one is known as the artistic style transfer and it involves feeding your system with artistic data so that it can learn and comprehend it. 

Once the system understands the various important components of art, it will be able to replicate the same components or create new ones using the knowledge it has acquired.

The other process is called the collaborative technique and it involves the collaboration between an artist and the AI system. You use the art creation tool provided by the system to command it to create your desired artwork. Some of these art generators can even convert pure text into a creative image that will capture the interests of collectors.

How Does AI Help Improve Creativity?

The ongoing advances in neural networks have spurred innovation and creativity in the field of art, allowing both experienced and amateur artists to create beautiful pieces using different AI technologies. 

Therefore, it's safe to say that AI is making art mainstream by enabling even the least creative artists to create professional pieces. If you've always wanted to succeed in your career as an artist but you lack the creativity to take your work to the next level, an AI art generator will give your pieces the accuracy and quality it needs to look professional.

Since AI has proved to be not just a faster way of analyzing data but a stimulus for creative thinking by suggesting unique solutions, you can combine your creativity with the huge computational power offered by AI techniques to come up with new ideas that your mind alone couldn't have imagined. Just as AI improves the effectiveness of other machines and processes, so too can it enhance the creative process of generating artwork.

This is evidenced by the high number of people who have been making large amounts of money with their AI paintings and other pieces of art even though they have little or no artistic skills. 

With the help of the various art-generating AI tools available, these people can create unique pieces that catch the attention of collectors or convert them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But can you sell AI-generated art as NFTs? The answer is yes. Many NFT marketplaces are now selling AI artwork as NFTs. You just have to choose the right NFT marketplace and a crypto wallet to be able to sell your AI art as NFTs.