How Does AI Help Art?

Artificial intelligence (AI) art has created the modern-day gold rush, with both professional and amateur artists incorporating AI systems into their daily processes. This has also led to the development of numerous art generators, some of which even allow you to turn text into art with AI. But the questions that everybody is asking are: how does AI help art? And how can AI help artists' creativity? In this article, you'll learn the advantages of using AI to create art.

Ways that AI Helps Artists to Be More Creative

Although some critics argue that the use of AI in art has diminished creativity, many professional artists who have been in the art industry for many years agree that AI has improved the quality of their work and enabled them to try out new horizons in their creativity. 

Here are some of the ways AI is helping artists:

Saving Time

With AI art tools, artists have been able to automate certain repetitive tasks, thus speeding up their productivity. In the past, you had to do everything manually, which consumed a lot of time and energy. 

This meant that you had to spend days or weeks creating a single piece of art. This not only affects your productivity but minimizes your chances of earning meaningful income from your work.

Today, the use of AI tools has significantly reduced the amount of time you take to complete a single piece of art because many tasks are automated. This allows you to save time and complete many pieces within a short time. When your productivity increases, your chances of earning a decent income from your artwork improve significantly.

Improved Creativity

When you are painting manually, you spend most of your time performing tedious, repetitive tasks. This can be exhausting and an impediment to your creativity. But when you use AI tools, they'll handle the repetitive tasks, leaving you with enough time to analyze your work and try different creative ideas. Plus, as more AI art tools continue to emerge, software engineers are compelled to create new and sophisticated features that will improve your creativity. AI machines can provide you with new solutions that you couldn't have figured out on your own.

Accurate Imitation

Since AI machines have the same cognitive and learning abilities as humans, they'll allow you to accurately mimic the style of your favorite artist. You just need to feed your AI art generator with images created by famous artists so that it can learn from them and understand the most important components of art that you would like to include in your work. Then it will replicate what it has learned from those images to create your desired pieces of art.

New Genre of Art

Artificial intelligence is being applied in virtually every aspect of life and the art industry has not been left behind. Many artists, both professional and upcoming, are now using AI in their projects. This has given rise to a new genre of art called AI art or neural network art. This genre of art is created using algorithms. 

Many AI art pieces have already been sold at public auctions and art galleries, with some artists even earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from their AI-generated pieces. For instance, "Edmond de Belamy", a piece of art created through AI was sold for $432,500 at Christie's auction in 2018. Nothing is stopping you from making that kind of money from your AI art.