How To Buy Generative AI Art

Generative art that has been created using artificial intelligence (AI) is an evolving type of digital art that's expected to revolutionize the art industry. This type of art has attracted many artists, admirers, and collectors, especially those who are into the non-fungible token (NFT) space. The rising number of AI artists in the crypto space indicates that AI generative art and NFTs are the future of art.

AI generative art is made using AI tools and systems that have programmed algorithms. This means that anyone interested in trading in NFTs can create professional pieces of art using a simple generative AI art maker. If you are an art collector with an interest in NFTs, you need to understand the process of purchasing generative AI art as NFTs. This article will show you how to buy generative AI art.

What is Generative AI Art?

Generative AI art is any piece of art generated with the help of artificial intelligence. It can either be generated autonomously or through the collaboration of an AI art maker and humans. 

As more sectors continue to adopt the use of AI systems to accomplish different tasks, so too are artists. Generative AI art makers offer numerous benefits to artists, including better creativity, increased productivity, and more accuracy. It has also benefited art admirers and collectors by meeting their expectations and improving their overall experience with art.

How to Buy Generative AI Art

First, understand that the process of buying generative AI art is fairly different from walking into an art gallery or auction house and paying for a physical painting. The process of buying or selling pieces of generative AI art starts with the artist inputting their existing artwork into a neutral generative adversarial network (GAN) machine for training. The AI art maker then generates a unique piece of art autonomously by replicating the components of art it has acquired from the inputs.

Although the generated pieces are based on the original input, they are unique. Since these are digital pieces, you can't buy physical artwork. So, the artist will allow you to generate your art piece from the original model in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). NFTs are simply crypto assets stored on a blockchain. An NFT is non-interchangeable, meaning that it can't be swapped with another asset of similar value.

What You Need to Buy Generative AI Art

As noted above, you can only buy generative AI artwork in the form of NFTs, which are stored on blockchains like Ethereum (ETH). To buy NFTs, you'll need a crypto wallet, cryptocurrency, and transaction fees – the amount of cryptocurrency charged by the blockchain to facilitate the transaction. Go to your preferred NFT platform and search for your favorite artwork or artist. 

Each piece of art should have a detailed description provided by the artist and examples of the pieces of art produced by the original model. 

If you are interested in the artwork, click “Buy Now" and you'll be prompted to key in numbers that generate unique results based on the numbers you have. If the numbers are similar, you'll get similar results.

Once you've generated the pieces you want, click "Mint Now" and you'll be prompted to connect to your crypto wallet for the transaction. Once you've paid the full amount, the piece of generative AI art will be sent to your wallet. 

When the transaction is complete the numbers you use to mine the NFT and any other similar numbers will be removed from the system so that no one else can generate a piece of art that's similar to yours. This is what makes NFTs unique and non-interchangeable.  

Lastly, please understand that this process may vary from one NFT marketplace to another. But the whole concept is the same across all platforms. Every NFT marketplace will require you to have a crypto wallet and cryptocurrency coins.