How to Use AI to Create Human Faces

AI-generated faces can be used in numerous scenarios, whether as a form of digital portrait art, to improve in-game experiences, or to present a friendly, human face in front of a responsive live chat function.

Among the many uses for AI face generators, developers and creators can build imagery personas, create stock images, or populate marketing materials without needing a real-life model or shooting a single photo. Nvidia face generator technology has helped improve how AI synthesises human images and can create realistic graphics, and it is very tricky to tell the difference, even if you know what to look for.

How Does an AI Face Generator Work?

Most people first hear about AI facial graphics from reports about Deepfake videos, but the many authentic, legitimate applications don't tend to make headlines. AI face generators use generative adversarial networks (GANs), which pit two neural networks against each other. The generative network attempts to build a unique human face, referencing huge datasets within its deep learning database.

Essentially, it extracts millions of features and characteristics and blends them together to build something original. The discriminative network works against it and tests each image to decide whether it is believable enough.

Although the process can be very fast, behind the scenes, the two networks play their game until the generative network has fooled the discriminative network, and the image gets the stamp of approval.

What Are the Benefits of an AI Face Generator?

One of the biggest advantages of digitally created faces is that they overcome any issues related to copyright. Nearly every photo of a real person is the intellectual property of the model or the photographer, and you cannot use a likeness of an individual without permission in most cases.

Art makers can tread a thin line if they are inspired by a face or a feature and want to use it as a reference for new artwork or design, or they may be unable to verify what usage permissions apply. Feeding the desired parameters into an AI face generator means you can produce a 100% unique face, with the same depth of detail as high-resolution photography, without relying on pre-existing images.

Because every GAN-generated picture is a digital piece of art in its own right and the outcome of the game the two AI networks play, the graphic produced doesn't belong to anybody. Once you have created your AI face, you can use the image as you wish. 

How to Use an AI Face Generator

If you're an existing NightCafe user, you'll know we make AI graphic technology easy to use, explore, and play with–you don't need to be an experienced developer to do so! Choose the features or characteristics you'd like your image to have, such as:

  • Emotion
  • Skin tone
  • Hair colour and length
  • Age
  • Pose
  • Makeup
  • Glasses

The AI works in real-time, so you can experiment with the results as you go and adjust your graphic until it meets all of your requirements. When you're happy, simply download your generated image, and you have a one-of-a-kind, bespoke picture without any copyright issues in sight.