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Why Use AI Face Generator?

An online face generator produces original, realistic portraits that are almost impossible to distinguish from a real person and have countless applications in artwork, creative industries, marketing, and design.

Creators using AI to create a human face might be looking to develop a life-like video game character, a portrait for a design piece, or an animated chatbot that talks and looks just like us.

Today, we'll answer some common questions about AI face generators and where they're typically used.

What Are AI Face Generators?

AI applications use GAN networks to develop synthesized images and videos that look like real people.

There are several interesting outcomes examined by researchers investigating the impact and believability of artificial human faces:

  • AI-generated faces are so detailed they are photo-realistic.
  • Most people cannot tell the difference, even if they are trained to spot variations or know one of two images is artificial.
  • Consumers are more likely to trust a GAN-generated face than they are a real image of a living person.

What is a generative adversarial network? The GAN we mentioned is a structure that adopts two neural networks–one to create images and the other to test them and reject or approve the finished graphic. It is adversarial because the AI won't deliver a finished image until it has passed inspection and been verified against the data sets.

Can I Create Any Artificial Face?

The beauty of AI-generated images is that each one is unique, and tailored to your requirements, whether you have a pre-set idea about the character or graphic you'd like to create or want a copyright-free profile. The AI builds each picture from scratch, and you might enter parameters to match the image you want, such as face shape, age, skin tone and expression.

What Is the Benefit of Using an AI-Produced Face?

A benefit for digital marketers and creators is that an AI face does not have any association with a real person, which means avoiding challenges such as:

  • Distribution rights
  • Copyright claims
  • Privacy infringement
  • Royalties or commissions

Most image files in the digital world are owned by either the publisher, the person or the photographer, making it difficult to find royalty-free images that match the style you are after. Creating your own AI-powered graphics bypasses problems and gives you full control and ownership.

Real-Life Examples of AI Faces in Action

Human faces are a cornerstone of the media we consume, whether through social media, online or on our TVs; AI faces are probably more prevalent than we realise. Here are examples of places you can keep an eye out for an artificial person:

  • On-screen advertising: Companies use AI technology to develop graphics for ad campaigns, ensuring a blend of diverse groups to showcase representation.
  • Dating apps: Dating sites rely on interpersonal communications to function and add AI faces to chatbots to improve customer experiences.
  • Marketing brochures: Commercial businesses buy digitally generated artwork for print media as a low-cost alternative to purchasing the rights to stock images or paying for a professional photo shoot.

There are other smart applications, such as using AI faces in criminal proceedings, in which the technology won't have any compunction about standing in a line-up or being displayed on a computer screen!

Create jaw-dropping art in seconds with AI

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

u/DocJawbone on Reddit

Fun Fast Free