What is AI Art?

A few years ago, the idea of using artificial intelligence (AI) to create art pieces was not just unheard of, it was unimaginable. But today, paintings made by artificial intelligence are very common. Most of these art pieces are being sold digitally as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). If you don't know what NFT art is, or how it can be created, this article will help you to understand the whole concept of using AI to create artwork and how you can sell it as an NFT.

An Overview of AI Art

AI art is a type of art created using artificial intelligence. It can either be a painting or an image generated by an artificial intelligence art maker. Currently, there are numerous types of AI art generators available. 

Some of these AI systems work autonomously while others collaborate with humans to generate the desired artwork. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that's involved in creating machines and systems that simulate human brain power and learning. 

AI is now being implemented fully in multiple fields of art such as paintings, poetry, films, and music. The main mechanisms of applying AI in the arts include machine learning, embodied artificial intelligence, deep learning, generative adversarial networks, creative adversarial networks, and artificial neural networks. 

To appreciate how an AI art generator works, you have to understand the above-mentioned mechanisms. You also need to understand that most AI art generators use special algorithms to convert words and pictures into unique paintings.

An algorithm is a simple sequence of step-by-step instructions that the system relies on to perform the desired tasks. These instructions could be as simple as commanding the system to "choose right or left." 

They can also be as complex as writing hundreds of code lines to command the art generator to make calculations or perform other specified actions. Machine learning works the same way as humans learn; through observation, experience, and senses. Your AI art maker will acquire knowledge either through reinforcement learning or training with detailed data sets. Both methods help to improve the system's accuracy.

Artificial neural networks are computer algorithms that transmit data the same way your neurons (brain cells) do. They comprise layers of "neurons" that are connected to be able to share data with each other. Neural networks do not rely on specific instructions to learn. They acquire knowledge on their own. Generative adversarial networks are composed of two competing neural networks: generator and discriminator. These two networks improve their accuracy progressively towards the desired goal.

How Should Artists Use an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is an exciting way for artists to improve their productivity by stepping outside their traditional art-making methods. However, this tool is not solely designed for professional artists. The fact that an AI art generator doesn't require you to have coding skills means that even amateurs and novices can use it comfortably to create their own unique pieces of art. You just need to follow the few simple instructions and steps provided by the generator to create complex and impressive artwork.

How Can You Benefit from AI Art?

The pieces of art generated through AI systems are not just fascinating, but they're totally new as well. This means that your AI art will be unique. This is a plus for you because you can sell it to art collectors as an NFT. Remember that most art collectors are mainly interested in unique pieces. Your AI art generator will also reduce the overall cost of creating high-quality art pieces because it eliminates the need to purchase traditional painting kits and supplies like brushes, paints, painting tubes, etc.

An AI generator also helps to overcome the limitations of human creativity. If you lack the necessary creativity to create unique and fascinating pieces of art, you should try an AI art generator. An intelligent system will continuously come up with endless possible options. It will also narrow down the available options to the ones that suit your creative vision.